Nitika Chopra Wants To Help You Create A Beautiful Life

Like many successful entrepreneurs, Nitika Chopra began her journey by asking important questions.

Just living is not enough. The excitement of the unknown coupled with a passionate desire to succeed is the life blood of many entrepreneurs. In the words of Kofi Annan, Ghanaian diplomat and former Secretary-General of the United Nations, “To live is to choose. But to choose well, you must know who you are and what you stand for, where you want to go and why you want to get there.”

Life and business, is the sum of your choices. Life is full of decisions––and every successful company is led by an entrepreneur that made a good decision by simply getting started.

Often the thing that sets entrepreneurs apart from the rest of the world is one simple question, “Why not me?”The question itself is a powerful motivating force.

Like many successful entrepreneurs, Nitika Chopra began her journey by asking important questions. Chopra began answering tough questions that led her to embrace purpose and success.

As the founding Editor in Chief of the online magazine Bella Life, Chopra aims to help readers infuse their lives with a burst of color. Bella Life, an NYC-based online magazine, covers all aspects of a Bella Life lifestyle from food and fashion to travel and health.

Chopra proves that asking the right questions, making good decisions, belief and an unwavering work ethic will lead you to the best days of your life – a Bella Life.


Company: Bella Life, NitikaChopra.com

Founder/ Age: Nitika Chopra, 29

Location: New York, NY

Startup Year: March 2010

Startup Costs: $8,000


How I Got Started

The honest truth on how I got started is that I prayed. My whole life I have felt like I was meant to do something that I love and that helped others, but no matter how hard I tried, I just couldn’t figure out what in the world that was! After years of being patient, asking for guidance, and not giving up, I realized that all of the things I love could fit nicely in to having my own online magazine.

Once the idea was solidified, it took about a year and a half of doing research, asking a lot of questions, and creating a solid plan before my official launch in March 2010. So how did I get started? I believed I could do it, and I paired that with an unwavering work ethic which felt effortless due to my incredible passion for what I was doing. My grandfather always says “start by starting” so that is exactly what I did.


Best Customer Interaction

The most exciting customer interaction is really one that is ongoing. I have found that since launching in March, I receive more and more emails and messages from people all over the world who are so grateful for the work we do at Bella Life.

That is the greatest feeling of all. To go to my inbox and see an email from someone who loves reading our content, and feels that going to our site really adds COLOR to their world. That is the whole point and the feedback I have been getting from people I don’t even know is incredibly inspiring!


Biggest Startup Challenge

The biggest startup challenge is that I really had NO knowledge of the industry that I was entering, I just had the passion and belief I could do it. The emotional component is great but I need to have a lot of knowledge to go with that in order to survive amongst such fierce competitors.

I still find that there are things that I want for my business that I have little to no knowledge on, and getting over those constant hurdles can be exhausting and intimidating. I feel that not giving up and pushing through these challenges is what makes a truly successful business.


Tips for Entrepreneurs

The best advice I can give someone that wants to start their own business is to take your time. Hold your ideas close; you don’t have to tell the world everything you are thinking before you have things figured out. This can lead to a lot of discouraging conversations that attempt to hinder you from moving forward.

Do the research, ask questions, explore your market and give your idea room to grow organically. When you are in a vulnerable place of starting something new, no matter how exciting it can be, it is best if you treat the journey as a sacred one and nurture it as much as possible.


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