Back to Basics: Four Keys to Small Business Social Media Success

Ever wondered why some preexisting businesses lack a fundamental web presence? For Gen Y entrepreneurs, social media has never been something to debate over— let’s face it you...

Ever wondered why some preexisting businesses lack a fundamental web presence? For Gen Y entrepreneurs, social media has never been something to debate over— let’s face it you are simply a product of the movement.

Loud, colorful television commercials are no longer the route to go for advertising—we skip those with TIVO anyway.  To have a relevant business you need to take advantage of four essential tools to build a business that engages, inspires and connects. Here are a few checkpoints to get started.

The Website

Having the option to offer your product or service online is so much more efficient than just a brick and mortar store.  You have the options of an online mailing list, easily accessible sales and e-coupons to keep your customers engaged.

With a website, you will draw a completely different audience of people.  Don’t underestimate the power of online shoppers—they’re a thrifty, passionate bunch.

The Facebook Page

Growing a ‘fan’ community benefits your company in a number of ways.  Once you have a community of dedicated fans established you have a group that thoroughly supports you, takes interest in what you have to say and connections to all of their friends.

Keep in mind that to grow a community of such strength you need to give as well as receive.  Offer periodic deals or spotlight those who ‘like’ you on your page.

The Twitter Account

Twitter is at the tip of the crest on the wave of social media popularity. We’re a society that likes our information in small chunks.

It makes it easier to grasp information and pass on to others. And since our brains get a ton of information each day, it’s important to be able to filter out the clutter.

With Twitter, you are guaranteed an audience that is interested in your field by those who choose to ‘follow’ you.  All you have to do then is provide them with articles, videos, and quotes relevant to what they’re already interested in.

Throw in some posts about deals your company is offering and information about your business in general and you’ve got yourself a wonderful means of publicity.

The Blog

The importance of a blog is often misunderstood and underestimated due to the fact that blogs can give off the perception of being ‘a personal outlet’ and therefore a waste of time. On the contrary, they can single-handedly boost your business numbers.

Blogs let your audience know that there is indeed a human behind the business.  Typically written in a conversational tone, a blog can act as the human contact between your small business and its audience.  Additionally, with the implementation of reader comments, it is a great medium to answer customer questions and concerns.

Perhaps you know another small business owner that hasn’t felt the need to join the social media wave just yet.  Do them and their business a favor and encourage, encourage, encourage! I’ve seen too many businesses not reach their full potential over a silly thing like lack of social media. Spread the love and share the knowledge!

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