12 Clients in 5 Months: A Young PR Agency Rises to the Top

Learn how two former co-workers built a successful pr agency and why passion is essential for success.

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Best Success Story:

Landing twelve clients within our first five months in business, and launching a successful business at the height of the recession in 2009.

Biggest Startup Challenge:

Deciding to launch our company during a tough economic climate was risky. Most brands had no public relations and marketing budgets … and those that did had been burned by former PR firms in the past.

It took time to remind people of the value of our services, and how PR exposure translates directly into sales if leveraged correctly. We also had to prove ourselves to potential clients through garnering impressive results.

We ultimately had to overcome stigmas associated with being a young and new company. Despite these challenges we proved to our clients that we could in fact ‘deliver.’

#1 Tip for Entrepreneurs:

You have to be passionate about your industry, and also realize that your business needs to constantly evolve and adapt to survive. As someone who is personally and professionally interested in the fashion industry, it seeps into every part of my life. I’ve landed some of our largest clients just from being passionate about a brand while shopping, or while out talking to friends about clothing.

People can “smell” passion, and success will organically happen for you as long as you work incredibly hard, keep yourself educated on your field and are nice to everyone.

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