Let Me Count the Ways: Entrepreneurs Capitalize on the Business of Love

Learn how Chris Sonjeow and co-founders, (Rob, John and Kevin) have sold over 1.4 Million LoveBooks since their launch in 2010 and why you should attempt to do...

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Best Success Story:

Since our launch, we’ve seen books created for just about every occasion. Some of the most creative people use our website every day to create LoveBooks. It feels good to go to bed each night knowing that the business I’m in allows people to cultivate the tie that binds us all … love.

Generating our first $1M in revenue was definitely a highlight. Becoming an official full-time entrepreneur was also exciting. Along the way, we’ve been featured on The Today Show, Good Morning America and Diggnation. We’ve also demoed in front of Jay Adelson, the CEO of SimpleGeo and former CEO of Digg.com.

Biggest Startup Challenge:

The biggest challenge we faced was the technical development side. We were attempting to do something that to our knowledge had never been done before. We referred to it as the “Million People” challenge.

Our goal was to develop a website to sustain itself if one million users suddenly visited our URL … and we did it. Our system is lean, mean and scaleable using a cloud-based system.

#1 Tip for Entrepreneurs:

Always create a business plan and a revenue model. Too many people ask me for business advice and when I ask them, “What is your revenue model? … they look at me like a deer in headlights. Understanding who is writing you checks also forces you to think about your target demographic, which is paramount for survival.

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