Business Challenge: Spend Less on Marketing and Increase Sales

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If I offer you a fifty dollar note or an orange, you don’t have to think very hard to figure out what I am offering you, do you?  Both are equally easy to understand.  As soon as you see it, you know what it is and you know exactly what you can do with it.

Fifty dollars will buy you enough food to cook a meal and the orange is healthy, tasty and edible.  No directions or heavy-thinking required. So what does this mean for you, your marketing message and your customers?

If you make it hard for customers to understand what you do and whether or not they are getting a good deal, you should make your offer more tangible.

Ask yourself:

  1. Does my marketing message include a bunch of big words, fluff and jargon?
  2. Could it be boiled down to something that a 6-year-old could understand?
  3. What should I do to communicate it more clearly and help prospects say “Yes”?
  4. Can I simplify it and introduce photos or props to get the message across faster?


Save and Simplify

As you may have guessed, coming up with a simple, succinct message is a lot harder than throwing together an ad full of useless, complicated information.

A good rule of thumb is to work harder to craft and simplify your message than your prospect has to, in order to decipher it.  Someone has to do the mental heavy-lifting. Either you are committed to doing it before hand or your customer will need to think about it.

Ultimately, if you’re serious about saving money and getting the best return on every dollar you invest, you won’t spend another dollar until you take a good hard look at your marketing strategy and do whatever it takes to make your message tangible.

You don’t have to spend more money to chase customers.  What you really need to do is take the complication and confusion out of your message so that more of your prospects can say “yes” now.

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