Dear Small Business Owner: Are Excessive Meetings Sabotaging Your Company?

Effective preparations result in execution. If you’re ready stop preparing and start doing, take these key steps.

How to Effectively Prepare and Execute

Effective preparations result in execution. If you’re ready stop preparing and start doing, first you should:

1. Limit meetings: Ask yourself, “What is an effective number of monthly meetings?” Believe it or not, there is a point of diminishing returns – where one more meeting won’t contribute a single ounce of value or return.

But when you do meet,

2. Create an agenda: Clarify the key points and ending goal of your next meeting. And then ask yourself, “Will a meeting accomplish my goals?”

3. Be concise: Get to the point and stick to it. Foster collaboration through a Q&A session at the end. We’ve all been privy to one too many meetings that have spun out of control, off topic and wasted valuable time.
4. Define next steps: What now? Identify a desirable outcome; establish accountability and leadership within the team to carry it out.

Don’t misconstrue this message. Collaboration is essential in so many ways, but many entrepreneurs can unknowingly associate it with ineffective tactics (i.e. useless, unconstructive meetings).

Collaboration is best justified when execution is a clear factor. Before you call your next meeting, ask yourself – Is there a way we can become more agile, smarter and effective in team communication? Can we cutback meeting schedules and replace them with more purposeful interactions?

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