$1.5 Million in Funding: The Easy Way to Success, Was It Worth It?

It was a simple high school assignment: shadow someone in the position you want to pursue and write a report. As we begin talking, she wants to know...

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This one opportunity was all I needed and I promised to work my heart out and not let go of this chance. The set-backs before would only be fuel to work harder than the next person, and do something that would change other people’s lives, and in turn change mine.

It was in this DECA class that I developed my work ethic. It wasn’t one thing as much as an everyday thing.

My DECA team and I decided to do a public relations written project. This included selecting a client, and then developing a plan for awareness and actually executing it. We researched many options, but due to a personal connection for a teammate we decided on the Nebraska State Foster Care program.

We met nights, weekends and every hour we had in-between to learn all the facets of the program, so we could speak intelligently on their behalf. We learned the average foster parent effects more than 100 children in the their lifetime, we set our sites high, we wanted more than awareness we wanted to recruit parents.

We scheduled inspirational, educational events and planned every detail, from presentations to food. Our project was covered many local media outlets as well as recruited two new sets of foster care parents, over 200 potential children helped.

As we stood on the national competition podium with a place in the top 10, we knew we had already succeeded far before then. We learned more than we could have hoped and all those details and tasks had accumulated into something amazing for children that needed it.

Work ethic isn’t taught. It isn’t a class nor is it a quick answer.

What The “Easy Way” Really Looks Like

It is the hours of painstaking proofreading at 10pm in your pajamas, trying to get it just right. It’s waking up in the middle of the night to jot down an idea, just in case you forget it by morning. It’s researching every tactic and then researching it some more, then monitoring each morning, noon and night to ensure each is working as you had planned.

It is pouring passion into every detail.

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