Bright Young Things: How to Overcome Age Bias in Business

Here are five ways to overcome age bias as a young entrepreneur and let your youth and capabilities shine.

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3. Do your research.

Know what you’re talking about.

If you come across as nervous when you’re making a sales pitch or talking to potential suppliers, you’re just playing to their prejudices. Find out as much as you can about your industry, product or service.

Doing the proper research will make you feel much more confident and put contacts at ease that you know what you’re doing.

Having said that, don’t pretend you know more than you do. You’ll soon be found out and you will look immature. Find yourself a mentor or mentors, through networking events or social media such as LinkedIn. This could be a more seasoned entrepreneur or simply someone who has more experience in your industry. Learn from them, bounce ideas off them and soak up all the advice they give you.

4. Emphasize the positive.

Yes, believe it or not there are prejudices about age (unspoken and spoken) in business. However, starting a company is difficult whether you’re 23 or 53.

Let clients know all the good things about handing a contract to someone young – your lack of cynicism, energy, enthusiasm and the fact that, when it comes to new trends, you have your finger on the pulse.

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