10 Questions with brandMOJO Images Co-Founder, Marisa Kestel

Join us for an exclusive behind the scenes chat with brandMOJO Images Co-Founder, Marisa Kestel. Find out her current obsessions, business tips and much more.

Marisa Kestel is the Co-Founder of brandMOJO Images, a commercial photography business that specializes in fine art, scenery, portraits and product photography.

Founder(s): Marisa Kestel and Scott Kestel

Company: brandMOJO Images

Location: Archdale, NC

1. How I came up with the concept of brandMOJO Images:

The idea for brandMOJO Images was more of an evolution from my love of fine art photography. I knew I could shoot almost anything with practice and learning gear. Later, the idea of being a commercial photographer came about as a desire and out of necessity.

The desire first arose from gorgeous handmade bent wire jewelry that was created by a woman in Portland, OR. At the time I couldn’t afford many of her pieces. I wanted to own them, but instead just admired them.

One Saturday, I mentioned I was a photographer. She needed images for a website and suggested a trade. I bit — hook, line, and sinker.

I later met a designer at the International Home Furnishings Market. I was talking about brandMOJO Images and our presence on Etsy with him. He mentioned that he had recognized the company name and that he needed a photographer to capture his pieces in the exact style of our work. He is now a client.

The business continued to grow from there. When me and my husband Scott, a designer and craftsman at brandMOJO Interiors, moved into our first home I didn’t have a photo studio to use. So we would shoot his furniture on our empty driveway. It worked because the details of our images made you feel as though you were sitting there on your couch and the piece was your very own.

Fast forward ten years and after many rolls of film of landscapes, cityscapes, urban scenes, and slews of rusted vehicles I continue to pursue my passion for photography. The key to our success has been the adoption of e-commerce – we’re not just a brick and mortar operation anymore.

2. Ambition:

To give as much as I take.

3. One day I hope to:

I’d love to travel everywhere I have never been. I absolutely love discovering different cultures. I hope to capture unique stories with my camera and to have steady successes in business.


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