Be Unforgettable: How Small Businesses Can Develop an Effective Brand Strategy

Is your company brand unforgettable? If not, here's how to develop a world-class brand.

A brand strategy is a long term plan which includes the development of a successful brand to achieve business specific goals. A well-defined and clear brand strategy can positively impact all areas of a business and connect with your customer’s emotions, perceptions, needs and wants — and the competitive environment.

A brand is the identifiable factors that customers associate with your business and thereby help customers identify who you are and reinforce your market position.

As you consider developing your company’s brand, start by setting business goals. Areas to consider include: Why do you want to create a brand? And what are the outcomes that you want to achieve by doing so?

Once you’ve identified those goals it’s time to uncover what type of brand will resonate with your target audience. Research is essential to successful brand development. The most important research component is identifying your customers and what they want.

During the process, keep these universal branding elements in mind:

1. Slogan

A business slogan should be short so your customers can remember and visualize what your company is all about. There is no point in having a long and complicated slogan. Your small business should have a slogan that distinguishes your offering from the competition. Try to relate your slogan with what your customer’s needs are and its unique value.

2. Logo

Your company’s logo should be visually appealing, easy to read and memorable. Keep your logo simple. But remember, simple doesn’t necessarily mean easy.

3. Language

Make sure you use language and messaging, in your customer-facing materials, that is consistent with the image you want to present to your customers.

4. Imagery

Any pictures you use should reinforce the brand image you are projecting. People like to view and share pictures, so photos of your friendly staff and clients can be well received.

5. Theme

Create a theme that is consistent for all of your advertising materials. This can have a positive effect in expressing your brands personality and to make it memorable to your customers.

You might ask, why is a brand strategy so important for a small business?


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