10 Productive Ways to Accomplish More in Business

Ten helpful productivity techniques to execute your daily business plans and get things done.

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Growing a successful small business requires a lot of planning.

We all have tasks that if accomplished daily will help us move faster towards larger business goals. But more often than not, it can seem as though you begin each day full of great intentions – only to end up going to bed with a somber feeling that you didn’t accomplish as much as you set out to. It’s possible to end each day feeling as though you haven’t gotten anything done.

Like many of you, my daily priorities vary. But I practice some standard mental tricks to help me stay focused and productive. Following my morning routine and daily planning, I use the following techniques to implement the plan and get things done.

1. Follow orders.

Each day, I list my daily activities in numeric order and try to follow the list as closely as possible, so the most important tasks get done early in the day and early in the week. Less pressing activities can be moved to another day, if my schedule changes.

2. Allow for reflection.

Stepping away from my computer and thinking about how to solve a problem, write content for my website or reply to a complex email is not procrastination. This reflection time is productive and seems to happen best for me over a snack or a quick walk.

3. Reward myself.

To keep up my motivation and allow for a quicker mental shift between different business activities, I reward myself with varying types of breaks. For example, I may respond to a few personal emails, eat a snack or take a stretch break.

4. Cut up large projects.

Each day I set aside a 2-3 hour block of time for large projects. To begin, I scribble down a mini-plan that outlines all of my anticipated action steps. Then I execute on that mini-plan within the time I’ve allocated.

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