CEO’s: Are You Ready for a “Bring Your Own Device” Revolution?

For business leaders flirting with a "bring your own device" (BYOD) transformation, here are four points to consider.

4. What type of support is needed?

Company leaders who want to incorporate a BYOD policy need to consider what sort of additional support IT leaders might need if yo urcompany is large enough to have designated professionals in this area.

In addition to general security training for all employees, cyber security training may be beneficial for all employees in the IT department who would be monitoring BYOD implementation.

Loyal employees who know the company and are experts in their jobs are worth investing in if their tech skills need a little polishing. Offering an incentive plan for updating technology skills may be a positive way to level the playing field and promote team cohesion. As the process unfolds, employees may benefit from regular “lunch and learn” sessions to address specific topics as they arise.

Is BYOD a formula for success?

While many company owners may consider the transition to a BYOD environment to be a recipe for disaster, many others are embracing it entirely and experiencing great success with it.

While increased down-time may be a common concern for executives considering a BYOD shift, establishing productive work place policy guidelines may help mitigate this challenge.

Spending time exploring the nature of the information that will be accessible, and developing a better understanding of the security layers that need to be in place to safeguard business networks can go a long way in developing a policy that can support and promote productive BYOD workplaces in a complex and constantly changing entrepreneurial setting.

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