How to Make Smart Hiring Decisions for your Small Business

Here are three things to consider before you hire your next employee.

2. Don’t let your startup become “the guinea pig.”

Never assume a potential hire is hedging all of their bets on a new opportunity with your startup. The sobering fact is, many job seekers are focused on utilizing your company’s brand as a stepping stone to another opportunity, while working to receive a paycheck.

Generally speaking, today’s workforce is motivated by money. Not every shiny new candidate is a team player and some are merely punching the clock. In order to vet those that are truly interested in creating value and earning a paycheck, I recommend placing new hires on an introductory probationary period or temporary contract.

By doing this you can gauge key performance measures and productivity. When you hire new employees you’re taking a calculated risk — with a potential for mutually beneficial long-term rewards. So hire individuals who have a passion for what you do and admire your line of work. These are the same people who will give you 100 percent.

3. Don’t hire whiners.

As you take a look at your staffing plans and imagine the ideal candidates for each role, make sure to look for intangibles. For example, asking behavioral-based interview questions will help you identify candidates who are naturally committed to problem solving. You want these people on your team.

In comparison, people that like to point out problems (whiners) will always find new problems, while problem solvers will always find solutions. Hiring someone who continually points out flaws is useless to your small business unless their observation is followed up by suggestions on how to fix them.


Naturally, not everyone is going to work as hard as the CEO, because no one will care more about your business than you do. But remember that your employees have a vested interest in themselves as well.

Be selective about who joins your team and earns bragging rights for your company’s successes. The people you bring on board are a reflection of your brand. Keeping these tips in mind can minimize the risk associated with hiring decisions and ensure that your company culture reflects your ideals and vision.

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