Entrepreneur Croix Sather Challenges Small Business Owners to Dream Big

Four-time Ironman triathlete, entrepreneur, and author Croix Sather shares five tips on how to make it big in business and beyond.

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4. Control your environment.

You become who you associate with. You must decontaminate your life from toxic sludge people. Unfriend them on Facebook and in-real-life, break the connection on LinkedIn and purge them from your life. To become better, smarter, richer, happier and more successful, you must be around people better than you. Find people who lift you up, challenge you and are your biggest cheerleaders.

5. Be confident and bold.

Your parents probably taught you not to brag or showoff. They were trying to raise a polite child, and that was really bad advice. They ended up sabotaging your self-confidence. When you’re really great at what you do in business, you must be your biggest fan and be proud of yourself. Do you think Tiger Woods’ dad ever said to him, “Son, you know better than to show off? Let the other kids win.” It’s not cool to be arrogant, but it is necessary to be confident and bold.

“Ultra-success comes to those who demand it and will not accept anything less,” says Sather. “They take massive, unyielding action and make things happen.”

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Croix Sather is an internationally known author and inspirational speaker in the field of personal transformation and the psychology of success. Croix’s accomplishments set the standard for living a life by design. He is most well known for his 2011 RUN ACROSS AMERICA inspirational speaking tour and  as the author of Dream Big Act Big and BetterBody BetterLife.


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