Trade Show Marketing: Why Exhibiting is Good for Small Businesses (Especially During Challenging Economic Times)

There are a number of compelling reasons why exhibiting is such an effective marketing tool -- even during challenging economic times.

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3. A trade show is a great venue for small businesses to generate qualified leads and sales. Large companies are usually known by their business prospects, but potential customers might never have heard of smaller businesses, such as your own, even if you offer a product or service in which they may be very interested in reviewing. Buyers are at trade show specifically to look for solutions to problems – and small business owners have a great opportunity to provide them with those very solutions.

Developing a Trade Show Budget

Now that you are more familiar with the value of exhibiting — even during challenging economic times — it is important to consider the actual costs of getting in-front of qualified buyers.

If you are worried that trade show costs may be prohibitively high, however, consider ways to make your trade show budget dollars work harder and:

1. Shop around for manufacturers offering high quality but competitively priced banner stands. The same equipment can be used more than once, and can be refurbished if necessary.

2. Keep sales personnel to a minimum. Only send your most effective sales team members. A streamlined sales force should be able to cope with demand due to slight decreases in trade show attendance.

3. Purchase less space. You may not be able to showcase as many of your products, but you’ll still have a presence.

4. Contact key buyers prior to attending the show. Identify buyers you would like to meet ahead of time and schedule time with them at the show when possible. Communicate with them consistently through the year to develop brand equity and your in-person “meet-and-greets” will be more effective and productive.

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Brit Peacock is an internet marketer who also runs a small precious metals business. He enjoys blogging about issues affecting small businesses, and offering tips to those struggling through challenging economic times.



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