Top Ten Small Business Marketing Articles Every Entrepreneur Should Read

Are you ready to overhaul, upgrade and improve your company's marketing efforts? If so, here are ten of our favorite marketing articles, here at YFS Magazine, that every...

Are you ready to overhaul, upgrade and improve your company’s marketing efforts? If so, here are ten of our favorite marketing articles, here at YFS Magazine, that every entrepreneur can benefit from:

1. How to Set Marketing Budgets

As a successful small business owner, your job is to develop budgets — not just spend them. When you develop a sound marketing budget, it is easier to hold your team accountable, make your dollars work harder and fix what isn’t working down the road. With a clear understanding of your business situation, and marketing plan, there are six baseline budgeting frameworks you can use to determine the best marketing budget allocation for your small business. Read more

2. How to Spend Less on Marketing and Increase Sales

Are you ready to overhaul your marketing budget? First, where are you spending your promotion dollars? Do you allocate your budget to trade shows, brochures, your website, search engine marketing (SEM), PR, print ads (Newspaper or Magazine), direct mail, social media, etc? Take a look at everything you’re doing to promote your business and slash the total budget by twenty percent (20%). No matter what you are selling and where you’re selling it, I guarantee that you won’t miss it. And here’s why! Read more

3. How to Prevent These Top Three Marketing Mistakes

Take a close look at your marketing. Without knowing it, are you serving up marketing communications that resemble mystery meat – confusing, indigestible and dissatisfying? Let’s find out. Here are three marketing mistakes you could be making and how you can immediately fix them. Read more

4. How to Leverage Experiential Marketing

How do we create deeper connections with our customers? It’s a question that many small business owners struggle with because over time you realize that one sale is merely the beginning. Your ultimately goal is to build long-lasting connections, encourage repeat purchasing behavior and build an army brand advocates. The good news is, experiential marketing tactics can do just that … and more. Read more

5. How to Improve your Marketing Messages

In my experience, most of you are spending way too much time trying to impress your customers with fancy words and descriptions. And here’s the bad news – you’ve already lost them. In fact, you put them to sleep about two minutes ago. Read more

6. How to Use Content Marketing to Build your Brand

Learn why every small business owner should include content creation as a part of their marketing strategy. There are numerous tools at your fingertips including custom magazines, online newsletters, digital content, microsites, white papers, webcasts, podcasts … and the list goes on. By sharing useful content (not a sales pitch) you can engage current and potential customers. Here are four proven ways to share your expertise and increase your brand’s visibility. Read more

7. How to Harness the Power of Email Marketing

Email marketing is a powerful tool for small businesses. Here are a five “drip” or automated email marketing campaigns every small business owner can use to put their marketing database to work. Read more

8. How to Market your Business Using Twitter

Millions of people in the U.S. utilize Twitter to connect with people and discover new interests online. And while it is used for a variety of reasons, Twitter can also be an effective online marketing tool for small businesses. Therefore, when you’re ready to start using Twitter as a strategic business tool, here are three ways you can gain instant traction. Read more

9. DIY Marketing Tips for Small Businesses

There are simple marketing and sales tactics every small business can implement, to ensure the next marketing campaign is a success. So, we’ve asked entrepreneurs and experts to share what works best for their companies. From refining a target audience to utilizing search engine optimation (SEO), here are nineteen basic marketing and sales ideas that you can easily do yourself. Read more

10. How to Get the Most Marketing Mileage out of your Website

The brilliant thing about online business is this: while you may need eight hours of sleep each night, your website never gets tired. Once you put several key elements into place, your site will run the new additions seamlessly in the background. The adjustments can effortlessly display your marketing messages to prospects – even while you’re snoozing. Here are five can’t-miss tools that will help you do exactly that. Read more

What are your favorite small business marketing tips? Let us know in the comments section below.

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