Ten Best Social Media Articles for Entrepreneurs and Small Businesses

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6. Social Media Sets Small Business Back 50 Years (In a Good Way)

Fifty years ago, business was far different than it is today. Businesses and their customer bases were largely localized. Customers preferred being able to touch, see, and try on their products… Business owners  often had a personal relationship with their clientele, knowing them and their families by name. While there has been a departure from this type of thinking in recent years, social media has enabled small businesses to not only compete with large corporations, but to rebuild these types of business-to-customer relationships. Read More

7. 20 Social Media Platforms Every Small Business Can Leverage

According to Nielsenwire and VentureBeat, the world’s most popular brands online–Facebook, YouTube and Wikipedia–are social media related, and fifty four percent of all internet users are on Facebook. Small businesses can’t ignore the impact social media has on today’s marketplace. Social media is a cost-effective and powerful brand extension. It has the power to magnify a brand’s presence while increasing accessibility to a wider customer base, if used correctly and strategically. Read More

8. Is Social Media Risky Business?

Social media has leveled the playing field for small businesses when competing against big-name corporations. Before its presence, small businesses had to settle for direct mail, newspapers, and networking because they could not compete with the large ad campaigns of big businesses. But while social media can boost your your reach and sales exponentially, it can easily damage your reputation as well. Since almost everyone has access to it with little to no filter control over what is published for the world to see, it’s impossible to keep watch over what is being said about your company. Read More

9. 9 Straightforward Ways to Improve Social Media Content Engagement

A social media content strategy is an important component of small business marketing. Posting content regularly, including graphics in your posts, sparking social debates and conversations are simple ways to improve how your business is received and promoted on social media. Read More

10. Eight Social Media Etiquette Tips for Small Businesses

How you use social media in your personal life should have little to do with how you use it in business. Most people seem to understand that they should act professionally when it comes to their careers, but unfortunately many entrepreneurs don’t realize that what they say in social networks (for the world to see) can reflect on how their peers and employees view them. Read more

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