Four Simple Ways to Improve your Online Strategy and Company Website

Here are four easy ways you can improve your online strategy and build a more successful online presence.

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3. Understand your online competition.

Understanding your competition is another important part of your online strategy.

One of the biggest mistakes I see online is businesses copying their competitors’ models too closely. The most successful businesses carefully study their competitors’ sites and create something better. You may have the same goals, but be innovative in your methods.

The closer your goals are to your competitors’, the more you should examine their website and business model. Then, figure out your unique selling proposition (USP) and what is unique about your offer. Use your competitors’ websites for clues on where to start, but focus on improving upon their model.

Most importantly, ensure your message to visitors is something they truly desire.

4. Never be intimidated because of your company size.

Small or new businesses might feel like they don’t stand a chance against big businesses. In most cases I have seen, larger companies are less likely to be innovative with their online strategies. This creates an opportunity for small businesses to create a strong online competitive advantage.

For instance, I have had clients with only a few thousand dollars for online marketing to compete against businesses with billion-dollar budgets. Smaller businesses can spend half the money, think outside of the box and implement faster– strategic advantages that make it harder for larger corporations to effectively compete.


In today’s “online” world every small business has a chance to compete, no matter how large the competition. The Internet levels the playing field for companies of all sizes. If your business functions entirely offline or has a “brochure website,” it’s time to focus on your website strategy.

The opportunities for growth are there; you just have to take them.

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Benji Rabhan is the founder and CEO of ClickCore, a unique ROI-focused web development company. Benji has helped others improve their online presence and make more money with their websites since he was 13 years old. Since then, Benji has become a professional speaker and an expert in conversion rate optimization, marketing automation, and online marketing. He consults with both small businesses and multi-million dollar corporations. In November 2011, he was honored at the White House as one of the Empact Top 100 Young Entrepreneurs in America.  Benji is also the author of the #1 Amazon best-selling book “Failure is Obsolete”.

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