Top 10 Public Relations Articles for Startups and Small Businesses

Checkout ten public relations-related articles desigend to help you navigate everything from publicity to press releases, pitching media outlets and more.

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Last Update: April 28, 2015

Managing the flow of information between your small business and the public can be challenging. Whether you’re interested in DIY PR, hiring a publicist or currently work with a public relations agency, here are ten public relations-related articles to help you navigate everything from publicity to press releases, pitching media outlets and more.


1. Public Relations: The Stakes are High & Winner Takes All

Public Relations, or PR, is a way businesses promote their brand to gain exposure. Often confused with marketing, it is a way to not only increase your brand’s awareness but ultimately increase your bottom line. PR professionals work to gain exposure for a company or brand… However, since PR placements are not paid for, and positive results are not guaranteed, PR is a gamble.


2. DIY Public Relation Tips for Entrepreneurs

It’s not enough to get the word out about your company or brand, but to ensure that you’re getting it out there properly and effectively. PR basics such as press releases and pitches may seem insignificant in comparison to big PR campaigns, but are essential in distributing information and garnering media attention. Here are a few public relations tips that every small business can master to increase brand awareness and prompt press coverage.


3. Should Entrepreneurs Forget Advertising and Focus on Publicity Instead?

It is essential that every business, regardless of their field, understands the importance of marketing their brand. Try not to get lost in the decision of which marketing avenue to take; just about any marketing channel can be effective when executed well. When deciding which marketing avenue to take, it is important to consider your market and create a marketing plan that best suits your unique needs.


4. 20 Publicists Reveal the Biggest Mistakes Your Small Business Makes

Public relations has drastically changed over the years, and even through comments from naysayers, public relations has the potential to help a business develop into a world-class brand. However, before diving in head first into PR it is important to be aware of the mistakes of those that came before you in order to avoid them and help your business grow and flourish.


5. Small Business PR Tips: How to Create an Online Newsroom

An online newsroom gives journalists, reporters and bloggers access to vital information they will need in order to share your story in an easily accessible place, and in turn promote your brand. If a journalist has to embark on an expedition just to find your company’s information they will probably abort the mission before they even start, especially when there are so many other startups pitching readily available news…

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