College Entrepreneurs: 10 Free Marketing Tactics for a Frugal Startup Budget

Here are ten simple, no-cost marketing tactics that can propel your college business forward.

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6. Entrepreneur Network Organizations

Finding like-minded college peers with business ambitions is made easier with entrepreneurship organizations.  Connect with other collegiate entrepreneurs, meet mentors and gain free resources to help you execute on your business idea. For instance, the Collegiate Entrepreneurs Group, an entrepreneurship network with chapters on university campuses across North America and beyond currently supports entrepreneurship on approximately 240 chapters in over 43 states.

7. Startup Weekend

Startup Weekend is a global event with local roots. Local chapters organize 54-hour weekend events during which groups of developers, business managers, startup enthusiasts, marketing gurus, graphic artists and more pitch ideas for new startup companies. Those teams then work to develop a working prototype, demo, and presentation by Sunday evening. Attending high-profile events like Startup Weekend, not only helps your local entrepreneurship ecosystem overall, but gives you valuable face time with prospective users, investors and advisers alike.

8. LinkedIn Company Pages

LinkedIn is the de facto social network to connect with business professionals and organizations. Like Facebook and Twitter, they offer a wide array of Company Page profile features, ranging from free to paid.

9. Employment

Yes, you read correctly. Working for someone else gives you an opportunity to learn from them, gain feedback on ideas, and even brainstorm ways to market your own business. Working for another company can help you hone your sales skills, marketing tactics and even learn best practices that can benefit your business down the road. Who knows?! Your former boss or co-workers could become your first clients.

10. College Career Center

Become a “marketing apprentice” and work for your college career center. This gives you an opportunity to interact with employers, fellow college students (who could one day join your company), and get your hands on a ton of valid career advice.


These ten suggestions aren’t the only options, of course; feel free to create your own list. Furthermore, never forget to give back to the people who help you along the way before asking for anything in return. Gratitude goes a long way, in business and in life. Good look on your entrepreneurial journey.

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Ash Kumra is an award-winning entrepreneur and public speaker, recognized by the White House as a top 100 young entrepreneur. He’s also the co-founder of DreamItAlive.com, an online Dreamboard community guiding people to create, believe in and live out their dreams.

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