Seven Must-Read Articles On Hiring and Managing Virtual Employees

If you are ready to explore the possibilities of hiring virtual assistants or virtual employees here are seven articles to help you navigate everything virtual.

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The virtual workforce has arrived.

In today’s digital and globalized era many businesses and employees are moving away from the traditional on-site job perspective and embracing a workplace that is virtual. The Internet allows us to connect in ways like never before including enabling small business owners to hire and work with employees in any location or time zone.

Forbes contributor Josh Bersin asserts, “Bottom Line:  the workforce of today is specialized and highly virtual: working part-time, mobile, from home, and often on a contract basis… If you’re an employer, you must develop a virtual workforce strategy. Not only do your employees want to work at home, you can benefit greatly.”

While managing a virtual workforce has its difficulties, the benefits of hiring virtual employees are tremendous. If you are ready to explore the possibilities of hiring virtual assistants or virtual employees here are seven articles to help you navigate everything virtual:

1. 6 Reasons Why Entrepreneurs Should Hire Virtual Employees

When starting a business, you may wear many hats and play many roles during its startup. You’re the owner, PR go-to, customer service representative, and sales associate all wrapped into one stressed out entrepreneur. If you find yourself overwhelmed with the daily operations of your business you may want to consider hiring virtual employees. Read more

2. Business Paradise: How to Manage Virtual Employees and Live Anywhere in the World

Developing a virtual staff as several benefits, such as improving staffing, access to hard-to-find skill sets and enabling you to be able to work anywhere in the world. A study of 10,000 workers by Kenexa Research Institute found that virtual employees reported higher job satisfaction rates, as well as a desire to stay with the company and felt that their company had a better line of communication than their desk-bound colleagues did. Read more

3. Virtual Startups: 5 Ways to Make Long Distance Relationships With Your Team Work

Long-distance relationships can be hard to maintain, especially in business. All they really require is commitment, while building a solid business foundation. This starts with recruiting fresh new talent while accommodating the valued employees you’ve already hired. The key to developing an all-star virtual team and maintaining the long-distance relationships required for them is also creating a virtual office space where ideas, tasks, and even casual chat can be shared throughout the team, regardless of where they may be located. Read more

4. How to Manage a Virtual Workforce From Anywhere in the World

In today’s age of technology, “a day at the office” has taken on a new meaning. While some businesses find it necessary to physically meet in a central location on daily basis, many businesses are incorporating the concept of virtual work and employees into their business models in order to cut costs and maximize resources. Managing a virtual workforce has its own set of unique challenges… Read more

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