10 Simple Local Marketing Tactics to Grow Brand Awareness

Are you ready to grow local awareness for your company? If so, here are ten local marketing tips that are simple and easy to implement in your city,...

6. Provide a free service.

We’ve found the best way to create local awareness is by providing a free service that the local community values. One example is if your business provides services to other local businesses, consider hiring a paper shredding service where local businesses can come by on a scheduled date with documents they’d like to destroy. It’s a great way to build local business relationships on a limited budget.

– Jeremy Schaedler, President of CaliforniaContractorBonds.com: @contractorbond

7. Visit your target audience.

The old fashioned way, go visit your target audience, whether that’s businesses, organizations, or groups that will benefit from your service and ask them to test pilot what you’re offering. Word of mouth is happening everywhere and especially through social media so the results could lead to more visibility and traction for your startup.

– Matt Rutter, Co-Founder of GrapeVibe: @TheGrapeVibe

8. Create giveaway events.

Conduct local giveaway events. For example, a coffee shop can offer free small coffees on Wednesdays between the hours of 7 to 11 a.m. This way, morning commuters benefit from the free product and a handful of them will also remember the brand of coffee that’s being served. If some of these patrons like the coffee, they will spread the word to their family and friends. Word-of-mouth is the best form of advertising and the giveaway events will eventually lead to greater local awareness for this coffee shop’s products and services.

– Ian Aronovich, CEO of GovernmentAuctions.org: @GovtAuctions

9. Get creative with grassroots promotions.

After trying out numerous avenues of building local awareness for our products, the most successful involved a bag of products and a few sticks of sidewalk chalk. First, every time I would see someone adjusting their earbuds, whether at a stoplight or on a jog, I would immediately grab a pair of AirBuds and toss them to that person with a brief explanation and a request for an on-line review. Next, I would go to popular jogging and walking places with sidewalk chalk and write my website with a promo code for free shipping locally. Through asking for reviews and providing promo codes, I am able to track how successful these campaigns are. Were they successful? Lets just say I need more chalk.

– Nicholas Waterhouse, Owner of AirBuds: @AirBudsOfficial

10. Put others first.

Build local awareness by thinking about others. In order to build local awareness remember the biblical commandment, ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.’ Your product or service must be bigger than you. It must make others better. Local media are looking for products and services which benefit their viewers as a whole. You love your product or service, right? Then show the love and watch your business grow.

– Rashonda Pratt, Owner of R.E.P. Communications Network: @rashondapratt

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