Here’s How to (Not) Get Overwhelmed by Fast Business Growth

Consider these ten tips to stay sane when faced with premature scaling and fast business growth.

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6. Make good hiring decisions.

“Hire intelligent, results-driven, personable individuals that fit in perfectly with your company’s culture. Having a company full of A-players is a sure fire way to successfully manage the hockey stick-shaped growth curve when you hit it.”

– Danny Boice, Co-Founder and CTO of Speek: @SpeekApp

7. Partner with third-party staffing companies.

“By working with overseas [staffing] companies, you can easily add workers, such as website developers or customer support staff members, all at the drop of a dime because [they] can provide employee training and take care of all knowledge transfer. That way, when your company scales up at a rapid pace, you can manage the growth stress-free.”

– Ian Aronovich, CEO of GovernmentAuctions.org: @GovtAuctions

8. Trust your instincts.

Everyone has great ideas for marketing programs, new product lines, fancy web tools, and possible markets to pursue. The truth is, however, that you know your business inside and out, so the key is to pursue only those opportunities that present the most immediate value. By following your gut and the advice of a few trusted mentors, opportunities will multiply exponentially!

– Greg Rudolph, Founder of Board Blazers

9. Have street smarts and common sense.

“Trust must be earned and verified. A lot of times in business there is a natural inclination to trust everyone (e.g. potential business partners, financing partners, etc.). These people have to earn and verify their work, their intentions, and their motives every step of the way. It’s key to have street smarts and common sense, you can’t just trust a new person that shows up in your life.”

– Ryan Blair, CEO and Co-Founder of ViSalus Sciences: @ViSalus

10. Refer back to your mission statement.

“My business has literally doubled its revenue in the last month, and I’ve relied heavily on the mission and vision statements I wrote while starting my business to keep from getting overwhelmed by this rapid growth. Every time I have to make a difficult decision related to our growth, I refer to the mission and vision statements and assess how my choices might impact my ability to achieve big picture goals for my business and life. Doing this really helps keep me on the right path.”

– Alyssa Vande Leest, President and Founder of Prosper Public Relations: @Prosper_PR

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