Cold-Emailing: How to Write a Winning “Pitch” Email

Learn how to meet amazing people via email. I’m talking about not even having a connection or an introduction -- just cold-emailing.

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4. Avoid starting an email with, “How are you?”

Everyone does it and it doesn’t mean anything, particularly if you’re sending a cold email. Nine times out of ten, the end of your email contains a specific request, and you never actually had an interest in the recipient’s well-being.

People are busy — start your email with a brief sentence outlining who you are and why you are writing. Save the niceties for when you talk over the phone, meet in person or exchange more email messages!

5. Ask how you can help them, or offer something in return.

People are always looking for freebies. It could be as easy as social media support via a LinkedIn testimonial or an introduction or referral. Whatever it is, find a way you can support the person in exchange for their time and attention, particularly as a young entrepreneur reaching out to someone more experienced and successful.

We live in a new economy of collaboration and that means it’s more important than ever to find ways to help one another before asking for favors in return. For Millennial entrepreneurs nothing is more valuable than time — both your email recipients’ time, and your own.

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