How to Increase Sales: 10 Must-Read Sales Articles for Small Business Owners

Improve your selling skills with information and expert advice on prospecting, cold-calling, presentations, sales letters and proposals, negotiation, closing and more.

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6. Show Me the Money: How to Hire the Best Salespeople For Your Small Business

How do you know if your new salesperson is a keeper? It’s hard to tell without proper ways to screen them. One effective way is to initiate pre-employment testing. It is a proven way to raise your new hire success rate. However, the key to pre-employment testing is to ensure that you’re testing for the right things. Read more

7. Small Business Sales: 7 Things Sales Experts Wish You Knew About Selling

Every entrepreneur has their own way and process of doing business and sales, but are you doing it right? Most entrepreneurs don’t even realize that they are making mistakes when it comes to sales, especially if they have been doing the same practices for a long time. Seven sales experts reveal essential tips to help you identify what you may be doing wrong. Read more

8. Sales Wars: Does Your Sales Team Have a Battle Plan?

As an entrepreneur, you clearly understand the importance of sales. But do you know how your sales stack up to the competition? And do you have a battle plan to change it if your sales team isn’t hitting revenue goals? Few salespeople understand the cost of pursing sales, and even fewer think through winning strategies before going into a sales “battle.” Read more

9. Politics and Small Business Sales, Not So Different After All

Politics and small business sales may seem as if they are on separate points on the spectrum, but in reality, the way people make decisions between presidential candidates or whether or not they support the passing of a particular bill is very similar to the way they make decisions about your business. In a utopian world, customers make sales decisions based off of the company’s platform—their features and benefits. The truth is, uncovering what the customer thinks instead of promoting what you think is what really matters. Read more

10. Business Challenge: Spend Less on Marketing and Increase Sales

Are you up for a challenge? If so, take a look at your promotions budget. Do you allocate it to things like trade shows, brochures, websites, search engine marketing (SEM), PR, print ads, direct mail or social media? Whatever the case may be, take everything you do to promote your business and slash the total budget by 20 percent. Sounds crazy? You may be surprised at the results. Read more

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