Entrepreneurs Reveal 9 Ways to Market Your Business for Free

There are plenty of viable and creative ways to market your business with relatively low out of pocket expense. So we've asked entrepreneurs to reveal their secrets on...

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6. Create a unique blog.

“Create a unique and engaging blog, maximize impact and traffic on your website, and identify the most optimal social media outlets to reach your target audience. These online resources are easy and free, but can be priceless in terms of marketing impact. At Lexion Capital we find that many people become aware of our brand and our services through our significant social media presence, which includes 15,000 followers on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google+.”

– Elle Kaplan, Co-Founder and CEO of Lexion Capital Management: @LexionCapital

7. Reach out to local media outlets.

“When you have something that differentiates your business, you can promote that through press releases, reaching out to local media, and even through building content on your own site (which will help you in the search engines).”

– Greg Edson, President of Brollytime, Inc.: @brollytime

8. Market your business using social media.

” I have found Pinterest, Twitter and Facebook (all free!) to be the most effective social media platforms for creating engagement and interest. We do this through consistent creation of original content and promotion through our social media channels.  We ask open ended questions, asking for ideas, opinions, thoughts, etc. We don’t want people to look and leave, we want to grab their attention and encourage them to learn more about who we are and what we do. Most people are participating in social media because they want to speak and be heard. Asking encourages interaction and, hopefully, interest in your brand. We have already seen a large interest and following due to our social media efforts and are constantly working on new ideas to make sure this trend continues.”

– Corey Leff, Founder and CEO of spendLO, LLC: @spendLO

9. Share your expertise using podcasts.

“Podcasting is an incredible way to market your business for free. Every day, millions of people flock to the iTunes store in search of targeted, on-demand, free content. If your podcast provides the content they are looking for, you will become an authority figure in that niche and they will grow to know, like, and trust you. At EntrepreneurOnFire, I interview today’s most successful and inspiring Entrepreneurs 5 days a week, and have grown an audience of over 150,000 unique downloads every month, growing daily.”

– John Lee Dumas, Founder and Host of EntrepreneurOnFire, LLC: @JohnLeeDumas

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