11 Ways to Engage Customers Using Social Media

Thirteen entrepreneurs share practical tips on how to best engage customers using social media.

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6. Reply to social media feedback.

“The absolute best way for companies to stay relevant in social media and to effectively engage their followers is to listen to what their fans are saying. Don’t try to steer the conversation; instead, listen to what customers are saying and respond. Reply to user’s feedback and jump into conversations that are already happening.”

– Lisa Parkin, President of Social Climber, LLC, @lisamparkin

7. Show customers product benefits.

“Offer real, value-packed information related to your products that customers or clients can use. For instance, if your products are cloth diapers, don’t just shoot links out to them or focus on their features. Instead, show your customers how to use them, wash them, pre-soak them and also, how to recycle them, if needed! Pair this with more “benefit-oriented” posts and updates, and you’re bound to have customers looking forward to what you have to say.”

– Prerna Malik, Co-Owner of Social Media Direct, @socmediadirect

8. Use images with viral potential.

“In social media images speak louder than words. My top tip for engagement would be to carefully select an image for its viral potential. Don’t forget that an unassuming image can often be enhanced by the caption or question you submit with it.”

– Sara Bodinar, Founder and Director of Monty Manatee Weddings, @montymanatee




9. Stay consistent.

“The only way to keep your brand relevant is to speak up!  It is essential to maintain a constant flow of articles and ideas… People who know [of your] business are far more likely to work with [you].  A company will quickly loose its luster if they are not making some kind of noise.”

– Jason McClain, CEO of McClain Concepts, Inc., @jasoncmcclain

10. Share engaging video content.

“[Create online] videos that instruct your customers for free on a solution to a common problem. ‘Behind the Scenes’ videos are also great [engagement tools].”

– Mark Black, CEO and President of Adversus Communications, @markblackspeaks

11. Don’t preach about your company 24/7.

“It’s critical that companies don’t use social media as a place to preach about their products and services. Think about what your target market is interested in and provide them with information that they are looking for. Only share information about your products and services 20-30% of the time and make it natural.”

– Lucia Mancuso, President of The Blog Studio, @lulula

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