3 Simple Ways to Use Tumblr for Business

If your company is looking to reach a younger audience, here are 3 tips on how to navigate Tumblr.

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Your company may have a Twitter account teeming with interactions from followers and a Facebook page with more likes than you can count, but what about Tumblr?

Tumblr, a free micro-blogging platform that is driven by its users’ creative content, boasts an active and dedicated user base — creating 75.8 million posts each day that can contain text, photos, videos, quotes, links and audio. Recently acquired by Yahoo, Tumblr contains an estimated 108 million blogs.


But why should you care about Tumblr?

The answer is simple: demographics. At least half of the Tumblr’s user base is under the age of 25. According to a Pew Internet report, Tumblr is “popular … among the youngest cohort — 13% of those 18-29 are blogging on Tumblr.”

Pew Research explains:

  • “Unlike other social media platforms, Tumblr users are equally divided between men and women. Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest all are more popular among women; men are slightly more likely than women to use Twitter.”
  • “Tumblr’s users are clustered at the low and high ends of the income scale: 8% of people with household incomes above $75,000 report using it, as well as 6% of people with incomes below $30,000.”
  • “Like most other social networking services, Tumblr tends to skew toward the urban and educated. Seven percent of urban Internet users say they use Tumblr, as does the same percentage of online users with college degrees.”

This means that Tumblr is a tool that can be used to market to an age group that leaves so many veteran marketers scratching their heads. If you’re looking to reach a younger audience, here are three tips on how to navigate Tumblr and use a ‘tumblog’ to your advantage:

1. Remembr, Tumblr is visual

I have not seen statistics to support it, but in obersvation Tumblr’s users love photos — usually of an Instagram-esque style. There are even tumblogs completely comprised of photos, called ‘photoblogs’, usually associated with a particular style.

Tumblr Spotlight; Source: Courtesy Photo
Tumblr Spotlight; Source: Courtesy Photo

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