6 Reasons Why Internet Connectivity is Essential for your Small Business

When it comes to your company's Internet connection, don’t go for cheap deals; you've got a lot more than the typical streaming movie junkie riding on the digital...

Internet connectivity is your company’s portal to the outside world — especially if you own an e-commerce business. It’s what lets you connect with clients, service providers, employees and business partners. You can’t let your connectivity be managed by a shifty and unreliable company that doesn’t care about quality of service while their happily collecting your monthly bills.

When it comes to your company’s Internet connection, don’t go for cheaper deals and services that might be okay for residential users; you’ve got a lot more than the typical streaming movie junkie riding on the digital line.


Here are 6 Reasons Why Connectivity Matters:

1. Data transfers are a daily business reality.

Your startup or small business is going to involve a lot of web-related work, which is almost certainly going to involve a lot of uploading and downloading. This is going to include posting content to your site, hauling things down from cloud storage, and exchanging all sorts of large files with partners or clients.

Whatever the case may be, you’re going to become annoyed if data transfers keep dropping down to slow lows from the ideal peaks that often get advertised by internet service providers (ISPs) as a way of pulling in customers who want a decent connection. Having to endure a lot of slow uploading and downloading can slow down your ability to get essential work done.

2. Improve online video sharing and communication.

You might like talking to clients via Skype or online videoconferencing or you may prefer writing down all your customer information when collaborating over long distances. Either way, it’s good to have access to a strong, clear video conferencing program. The ability to have an interactive video meeting is crucial — especially if you employ a virtual workforce.

A strong Internet connection is critical for online video sharing — it will go a long way towards making video calls clearer and less fuzzy due to pixilation. If you think you’ll be doing a lot of video meetings, go for something high-end like a business internet connection.

3. Don’t forget about your team’s connectivity needs.

You probably won’t be the only one making heavy use of your company’s web connection. You’re going to have visitors, employees, business partners and possibly even clients surfing the Internet at your offices — downloading, uploading, and possibly handling heavy duty cloud-based programming work.

All of this is going to be a major drain on your wireless network and the ISP service behind it. This means that using a low quality or simple residential web service is going to slow everything down for everyone, and slow your business down as a whole.

4. Avoid the cloud-computing blues.

A lot of startups use cloud computing as an integral part of their business structure and operations. And why not? The cloud has become a nearly ubiquitous part of the modern online work landscape. It’s extremely useful!

With cloud storage, you can make sure all of your files are constantly safe and backed up to a remote location that protects your most valuable IP assets. With cloud computing in general, you can use remote services for a small fee instead of spending a fortune on actually buying complex software or hardware from scratch.

However, for all of these things to work rapidly and fluidly –especially high intensity cloud computing applications—you need access to a powerful Internet connection that won’t cut out on you or create data flow bottlenecks.

5. Your business needs consistent customer service capabilities.

Talking to customers, resolving customer service issues, managing the products or services you sell, and making sure that your entire team can do the same — at any time — depends on reliable connectivity. Failing to install adequate Internet service in your startup offices can compromise this crucial ability.

6. Don’t be ill-equipped to put out fires.

As a general rule, your small business needs to be fast when it comes to performing just about anything, and this applies to emergency situations such as systems failures, website issues, social media management and anything that has to do with your online customer service, products or servers.

Making sure you can deal with problems quickly and reliably means having access to quick, reliable Internet connectivity. That sort of professional connectivity is a lot more likely with a strong business level connection that also includes 24 hour IT technical support.


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