10 ‘Shareworthy’ Video Production Agency Secrets Revealed

Everyone has a different definition of what constitutes a “viral video,” but here’s a quick list of the ten most important tips to get started.

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Online video marketing requires the same level of planning and strategy as broadcast television. You can’t just throw it in there and expect results like increased awareness, interest, desire, action and above all, sales!

Brands, startups and small businesses are throwing video into the digital marketing mix like crazy. But are they putting enough smarts behind their video marketing strategy? Do they even have a strategy?

Everyone has a different definition of what constitutes a “viral video,” but here’s  a quick list of the ten most important tips to get started:


1. Set goals and expectations.

This is where it all starts. What do expect from your online videos?

Put everything through the filter of selling more product. Pick one or two specific things you want to happen from each video. If you need more things to happen, make more videos that fit into your wider campaign strategy, or make different versions and promote them in different ways.


2. Include a call to action (CTA).

Decide what you want people to do after they watch the videos. Do you want them to share, click, sign up, buy now, tell a friend, buy later, make a response video, enter a contest, download a game, a new app, subscribe to something, get free tickets, pre order?

Guide viewers towards what you want them to do. Again, pick one or two specific things you’d like them to do, with eventual product sales in mind. Views will mean nothing against a crappy sales report.


3. Integrate online video with a larger campaign.

Schedule production for online videos, TV ads and PR promos together at the same time. Let the TV ads serve as a call to action to watch more videos across your social media channels, leading to engagement, sharing and sales. You’ll save on creative and production costs too.


4. Focus on the creative.

What kinds of online video ideas do you plan to produce? Branded entertainment, viral, product, promo, explainer, a web series? In all cases, have fun and be different. As long as you’re not threatening or overtly offending anyone, take the gloves off and go for it.

Give viewers something of value. Whenever possible, make them laugh or learn something. Go the unsafe route, stir up some controversy, and get all that free extra media attention. Focus on what you want viewers to do after they watch your online videos and worry about that more than selling to them at this point. Be entertaining or informative. Build in reasons for them to share your story.


5. Invest in high quality production.

Production costs depends on what your creative concept calls for, but find a good video production company. Pay for good production quality and direction. Match the production quality to the concept requirements. Production costs have come down, but you still need really good casting, talent, direction and editing.

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