11 Smart Ways to Improve Employee and Customer Communication

How employees interact with customers is directly linked to profitability. So we asked entrepreneurs to reveal their best tips on how to improve employee and customer communication.

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7. Explain the importance of servant leadership.

“Explain servant leadership by having employees read the book “Servant Leadership” by Robert K. Greenleaf. New hires should be taught to have a “How may I help you?” attitude. They should be trained to listen to customers, instead of interrupting them. And finally, they should be trained to find solutions, instead of causing customers aggravation and frustration.”

– Amandah Blackwell, Content Writer, Speaker & Author at Savvy-Writer, @savvy_writer


8. Let employees develop personal connections with customers.

“Our company hosts community events where hundreds of our customers in the area come and meet others who enjoy the same activity. We take this opportunity to introduce our staff to the community. The new hires walk away from this training with a personal connection to a small sample of our customer base.”

– Mark Stancato, Founder and CEO of X8 Drums & Percussion, INC., @x8drums


9. Consider hiring a communication coach.

“We use a communications coach.  She starts by working on the new staff to ensure that their voices are clear and easy to understand.  Next she explains the different communication styles and how to respond to each. We were so impressed by her work that we began using her to facilitate communication among existing staff.”

– Tom Walz, President of Carbide Processors, Inc.

10. Promote a positive company culture.

“Positive energy is contagious, and we tell our new hires to always be excited to help our customers, no matter what the problem. If they’re upset, be excited to help them. If they’re seeking answers, be excited to answer. Ironically, even if you fake a positive attitude, you end up feeling more positive.”

– Nicholas L. Holland, CEO of Populr.me, @PopulrMe


11. Train employees to be solution-oriented.

“Coming across as a solution expert, regardless of whether you are or aren’t, is the only way to make your customer feel comfortable. New hires generally lack this confidence that comes with experience, but it’s important to project it as you navigate new territory with customers. Using this tone to set goals, measure performance and to set and meet deadlines will help the customer see that your time is valuable and vital to their success.”

– Dan Adika, CEO and Co-Founder of WalkMe, @WalkMeInc

How has your small business improved employee-customer communication? Let us know in the comments section below.

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