10 Brands That Do Social Media Really Well

Some brands master social media, while others are slower to get in the game. Here's a look at ten brands that do social media well.

6. Coca Cola


No matter how much controversy starts over the health value of soft drinks, Coca Cola is one of the top social media accounts in the world. The company boasts over 72 million Facebook followers along with the continuous release of new soft drink flavors that continues to draw social fame. The company uses its social media accounts to talk about music, sponsored events and share photos of die-hard fans.


7. Pepsi


If you can’t beat the competition, hire Beyoncé. The soft drink giant, and coca cola rival, received a boost to its social media appeal after inking a celebrity endorsement deal with pop star Beyonce. The company uses its social media accounts to post pictures, special video content, contests, offers and more. To-date Pepsi has acquired 17 million U.S. Facebook fans and 2.1 million followers on Twitter.


8. L’Oréal Paris


The cosmetics and beauty giant is bigger than many of the brands in its segment. “In the $382 billion global beauty business, supported by an estimated 85% female consumer base, the top 10 strongest beauty brands are the ones that really matter, together valued at nearly $60 billion,” according to Forbes. And L’Oréal Paris has secured a spot at #3. The company has over 2 million Facebook fans and approximately 100,000 Twitter followers. The company shows wild designs that can be achieved by using its products. For example, for Labor Day, the company painted the nails of its model, red white and blue.


9. Red Bull


An energy boost is very important to 39 million people who follow Red Bull on Facebook. The company keeps their page upbeat, fun and exciting. In an effort to keep the party going, the company posts photos of athletes, dancers and those enjoying life with a lot of energy. The company has more than one million twitter followers who love the drink and like to chat with the brand.


10. Jetsetter


Jetsetter, an online community of travelers, caters to the wanderlust in us all. The brand has found its social sweet spot, connecting with over 4.6 million Pinterest followers. The company aims to help Pinners follow their bliss with popular boards like “Daily Moment of Zen” featuring beautiful travel photos and breathtaking destinations. The brand also shares its travel bug with over 243,000 Facebook fans and a social presence on Twitter and Instagram.


The one thing all the brands have in common is creativity. Knowing what it takes to connect with your audience, remain relevant and gain influence is essential to social media success. Social media takes work and time to cultivate, but the payoff is worth it.


Nichole is a marketing professional and entrepreneur. Her favorite topics include social media, new and emerging technologies, advances in ink technologies like 3d printing, and health related topics.


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