12 Business Leaders Share Incredible Advice for Women Entrepreneurs

Twelve business leaders share their very best advice for women entrepreneurs.

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7. Create value instead of discounts.

“Giving discounts to get a client will always, in some way, bite you in the butt. Giving more than the client expected will always, even in a small way, [will] pay off in the long run.”

– Lauren Milligan, Resume Expert/Job Search Coach, ResuMAYDAY, @ResuMAYDAY


8. Practice the 3 Cs.

“Connections, consistency and communication are [three things that] have helped me … We do business differently than men, we think that we can do everything and we want to be successful. To reach those goals we have to make meaningful connections through networking.

– Teana McDonald, President, 3E Connections, Inc., @3EConnections


9. Drop your gender baggage.

“My best advice for women business owners is to always remember that the most important factor in determining success isn’t gender, it’s you. Know who you are, understand your strengths and weaknesses, and fearlessly go after what you want. Don’t spend your time worrying about gender
expectations or norms.”

– Anna Mongayt, Co-Founder, Upstart Networks, @upstart


10. Pace yourself.

“Starting a business takes time, even when you have a phenomenal idea. You need endurance to get through the peaks and valleys, so it’s critical to pace yourself and surround yourself with the right partners. And, remind yourself that you can break through any preconceived notions of the glass ceiling.”

– Lynn Perkins, CEO & Co-Founder, UrbanSitter, @urbansitter


11. Remember your ‘why’.

“Sometimes running your own business can be stressful and make you think, ‘Why did I do this again?’ During those times, take a few minutes to remember why you started your business in the first place. For me, it was setting a positive example for my daughter.”

– Brooke Borg, Founder & Attorney, Borg Law Group, @BorgLawGroup


12. Hustle hard.

“Owning a business isn’t for the weak and weary. You’ve got to be ready to work when things are going fabulous and terrible. Push forward through the storms and enjoy the sunny days.”

– Apryl Beverly, President, BAAB Writing and Marketing Services, @baabwriting



As president of BAAB Writing and Marketing Services (BAAB), Apryl Beverly helps clients leverage their secret marketing weapon – words. BAAB’s services include developing low-cost, high-impact marketing strategies for small business owners.

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