13 Facebook Content Ideas Every Small Business Owner Should Use

Here's a look at 13 basic, and advanced, features small business owners can leverage to grow their businesses.

One of the most popular social media networks is also one of the best promotional tools for your small business. Whether you own a brick-and-mortar business or an emerging e-commerce website, Facebook can build brand awareness and loyalty if used wisely.

Here’s a look at 13 basic, and advanced, features small business owners can leverage to grow their businesses.


The Basics


  • Status Status

    updates are not only answers to the question “What’s up?” anymore. They can be tweaked according to what customers like and specific messages that could potentially generate more buzz.

  • Status Updates with an Image

    Wordy updates can bore customers who will find themselves scrolling down for more interesting content. Give them eye-catching images accompanied by a funny caption or a thought-provoking question. Photos encourage users to comment and engage. If you’re a business that offers tangible products, it is absolutely necessary to post photos of new launches or sales promotions within your regular content flow. If you need to post a lengthy status update, share the news through images instead using tools like Photoshop. Announcements, details and special announcements are better done visually.

  • Current Events-Related Posts

    Customers appreciate it when you’re not only concerned with your business, but also involved in current events. Many people value social responsibility, therefore posting appropriate updates during moments of triumph or tragedies can positively impact your online reputation. Make sure to stay up-to-date with worldwide events. For example, if you find out about a calamity that has left many homeless or distressed, post a status update sending your prayers and well wishes. If it is within your means, go out and help them. Social good always outweighs company image.

  • Testimonials and Reviews

    Facebook users like a variety of posts and hearing from another point of view. Post customer reviews on your Facebook page as a way of thanking them for taking time to spread the word about your business or product. It is also a form of relationship-building, since you are promoting their blogs or websites as well.

  • Personalized Content

    To improve customer service, make clients and customers feel appreciated and special. Mention your 1,000th “Like”, share positive comments from customers, and show gratitude by posting a photo with their names illustrated within the graphic.

  • Hashtags

    Facebook recently introduced hashtags and every small business should make use of it. It is easier to find people who share similar interests that align with your industry and business once you utilize hashtags in every post. Once you find people who might want to try your products, you can invite them to “Like” your page.

  • Cover Photo

    Aside from your company’s default photo, the cover photo is the first thing that people see once they go to your page. It occupies a bigger space than your picture, so it should leave a good impression. The picture should tell a lot about your business or brand (i.e. a recent ad campaign, brand tagline, or product shots.

  • Places

    This feature is applicable to brick-and-mortar establishments such as shopping stores, restaurants, and hotels. It allows customers to check-in once they arrive and let their friends know your company location. Photos can also be uploaded, along with your customer’s current location, which can attract their friends as well.

  • Events

    Invite customers to upcoming events (i.e. grand openings, exclusive in-store sales, and private events for customers). To increase the likelihood for success, place large signage outside of your store, promote events via your company website — word-of-mouth is not enough. This feature also let’s you gather a more accurate headcount for attendees. Ensure date, time, and location are clear and respond to customers who ask questions through comments.


Advanced Facebook Features for Small Business


  • Content Availability Tools

    for ‘Fans Only’ Hide content from “Non-fans” — tease Facebook users by making use of this feature that hides certain content from people. It generates more page Likes than making every post available for viewing. Utilize compelling catchphrases or intriguing questions to encourage users to “Like” your page. like button to know more.

  • Schedule Posts

    Set your preferred date, hour, and even minute, for status updates to appear using Scheduled Posts. This can be useful during times when you can’t submit individual posts. Generally, people check their Facebook accounts: a) right after waking up or going to work b) between work and dinner and c) before going to sleep.

  • Promoted Posts

    Do you want to make your products and services visible to a wider audience? You can do it by paying for promoted posts to appear in news feeds. For example, select “People you choose through targeting”, and you can customize who can view your boosted post. Location, age, gender can also be set to target your preferred audience.

  • Page Insights

    Page Insights delivers an overview of page traffic and more. Data on page view trends, audience demographics, geographic information, and content consumption are provided by this feature. It allows you to analyze your target market and understand if your Facebook campaigns are successful. Page Insights presents data that can be leveraged to help improve your marketing and sales efforts.

Have you used any of these Facebook features lately? Tell us how Facebook has helped your business in the comment section below.


Lionel Luigi Lopez is a business writer, entrepreneur and a musician. He runs a small business in Manila and still active in music. Follow him on twitter @lionelluigi


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