11 Things to Consider When Buying Office Furniture and Fixtures

Whether you are leasing new office space, moving offices or redesigning your home office, here are eleven things to keep mind before you purchase office furniture and fixtures.

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  1. Office Desks

    While selecting office desks, keep in mind that employees will be spending most of their time working from it. Therefore, office desks must be functional, and large enough that an employee can write and work work from their desktop computer (if required). Most importantly, an office desk should allow team members to do their jobs in the most optimal way possible. For instance, ensure adequate leg space underneath for employees to stretch, occasionally.

  2. Office Chairs

    Chairs are one of the most important factors to consider when designing an office space. Most employees sit in their chairs for eight to nine hours daily. So, naturally, office chairs must be extremely comfortable and adjustable, but not too comfortable to encourage a mid-day nap. Also, buying office chairs with wheels is a better option as it allows employees quicker movement and accessibility.

  3. Workspace Storage

    Creating an individual workspace storage area for every employee to keep files, data and project information is extremely important. This will help employees stay organized and benefit from easy access and improved workflow.

  4. Electronics

    The office furniture you select should be ‘electronics friendly’ — offering just enough space for hardware and easy management of wires for key things such as a computer, phone, etc.

  5. Cubicle Dividers

    If you choose to outfit your new office with cubicles, utilizing cubicle dividers should be considered for both privacy and workplace productivity. It is the best, and most cost-effective way to give every individual a mini-office within an office and still be able to communicate easily.

Keeping these factors in mind when buying office furniture ensures that the culture and productivity of your small business is maximized; equipping employees for high performance in a positive work environment.


Selena Mitchell is a blogger who enjoys writing about furniture and home décor related topics. She also writes for eFurniture mart and Dinging Showroom, who are considered to be the leaders in selling furniture online.

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