12 Health and Wellness Tips for Busy Entrepreneurs

Twelve entrepreneurs reveal how they work hard and manage to stay healthy.

As a busy entrepreneur, you often have a full plate … of deadlines, commitments and responsibilities. And your health and wellness should be one of them. But, many entrepreneurs realize that healthy living is often easier said than done. Nevertheless, a healthy and active lifestyle can prevent major health problems down the road — that can impact your personal health and your business.

So, we asked twelve entrepreneurs how they work hard and manage to stay healthy. Here is what they had to say:


1. Develop a healthy routine.

“Make [exercise] a part of your routine. Every morning I work out, meditate and say positive affirmations in the shower. After getting dressed I find a quick positive read that I could enjoy with a cup of coffee. This makes sure I’m in positive physical and mental health before my day even begins. My mind is brighter and I walk taller in my heels attempting to show off my well-deserved calfs.”

– Rakia Finley, Founder and CEO of PinStripe Consulting: @rakiamc


2. Make exercise a morning priority.

“Entrepreneurs are always working, so it’s difficult to find time for fitness. I find that it’s easiest when your sneakers and socks are next to your bed as a reminder of where you should be going. I like to hit the gym first thing in the morning before my mind realizes what I’m up to. I make it a rule that I have to wear my gym clothes around NYC until I’ve gone and my finish line is at noon, at the latest. It forces me to get the workout in so I can get on with the more professional portion of my day.  I often take phone calls and work in the gym’s lounge when I’m finishing up my morning coffee.”

– Lori Cheek, Founder and CEO of Cheek’d: @loricheeknyc


3. Schedule ‘take care of me’ time.

“The best thing you can do for your business as an entrepreneur is to make your health a priority. Schedule time for wellness.  Make time in your calendar where taking care of you is your only commitment. Whether it’s making time in your calendar daily to work out or weekly to get a massage, self-care is one of the keys to survival.”

– Holly J. Kile, President of HJK Global Solutions: @hjkglobal


4. Treat your health like a client.

“Put your workout on your calendar, just like any other appointment you have. You wouldn’t break a business meeting with a client or partner, so don’t break one with yourself! Your health is actually critical to running your business (i.e., it’s pretty hard to do from bed, or worse, the hospital!). So, give it the same consideration as your other business activities. Block time, in your business schedule, not just in your head, for a workout. Treat your appointment with yourself with the same commitment as appointments with others.”

– Nicole LaBonde, Creatrix and Master Instructor of CABARRET5: @CaBarretFit


5. Perform the plank exercise, anywhere.

“Anyone can plank. You can plank in your home, at the office, at the airport, in a hotel room. Every hour or so get up from your desk or out from behind the counter at your store and get on the floor and do a plank for as long as you can.  You need no equipment, no gym clothes, no travel time, no instructor, and it is totally free. It will never take more than 5 minutes. When you first start it will be less than a minute that you can do it. Just hold a plank position as long as you can every hour for 30 seconds. [It does] wonders for your core, arms, abs and posture. It also helps quiet and focus your mind … so it is both a physical and mental challenge.”

– Lisa Morris, President of Road Concierge: @roadconcierge


6. Schedule time for fun.

“It’s impossible to stay on top of your game without making time for fun, so schedule it! The barriers between work and personal life can become blurred for many busy young entrepreneurs, and it really is true that all work and no play can get you down. Schedule time for fun just as you would professional tasks — whether it’s a happy hour with friends or even 15 minutes reading a fiction book. Socializing, laughing, and relaxing are just as important medicines as exercise and good nutrition.”

– Melody Wilding, LMSW, Therapist of Melody Wilding: @melodywilding


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