Business Leaders Share 10 Ways to Stay Productive and Organized

Here’s a look at ten organization and productivity tips to help you work smarter.

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6. Use your smartphone calendar.

“Place items on your smart phone calendar to ensure you’ve made time for them. This practice also lets you prioritize items and gives you the opportunity to group tasks together where momentum can be crucial. For instance, grouping introvert activities together can be more efficient than constantly switching between introvert and extrovert mindsets.”

– Ryan Addis, CEO of Oak Stream Partners: @oakstreampartne


7. Create the right ‘capture’ tools.

“One of the keys to staying organized as an entrepreneur is having the right “capture tools” in place.  A capture tool is where you record all of your great ideas, to-dos and action items. Whether you prefer to write things down in a basic spiral notebook, use an app on your smart phone, or use a digital program like Evernote, the most important thing is that your capture tool is a trusted system (i.e., you need to love it to use, and use it consistently).”

– Angela Kantarellis, Founder and Owner of AKorganizing: @akorganizing


8.Use reliable CRM software.

“Use a reliable CRM software. CRM, or customer relationship management, is a company-wide business strategy that combines people, business processes, and technology. It empowers sales and marketing teams to attract new prospects, convert them into clients, and grow those relationships into a profitable and loyal customer base. It brings together information from all data sources within an organization to give a complete 360-degree view of each customer.”

– Nikolaus Kimla, Founder and Managing Partner of Pipeliner Sales: @pipelinersales


9. Use workplace collaboration tools.

“Find a system to plug everyone in the company into, easily sharing calendars, projects, and resources helps to expedite work and keep everyone on the same page. Establish a system for your company and stick to it, changing processes causes more confusion for everyone involved and will create more problems. Recognize that any process, system, or software will not be perfect, changing them can be tempting, but if everyone is plugged in and comfortable with what is in place then there will be minimal confusion and frustration.”

Get More Done With These Time And Employee Management Solutions

– Jarrod Morgan, Executive Vice President of ProctorU: @ProctorU


10. Start each day with motivation.

“Start with what motivates you. 
Starting is sometimes the hardest part so go with what gets you motivated.
 For some people tackling the toughest task first is motivating. If that’s 
you start with something that annoys you daily, such as your messy office
 space. I believe once our surroundings are in order the mind will follow.”

– Cameka Smith, Founder and CEO of The BOSS Network: @iamCameka

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