4 Creative Product Packaging Tips for Startups

Packaging can make all the difference when introducing a brand’s image and personality so, here are four tips to consider.

Capturing significant market share is a constant battle. This is true especially throughout the industry of fast moving consumer goods (FMCGs). One of the solutions for a brand to effectively captivate their target market is through get-go impressions. This means the packaging of a product tells mostly what consumers should expect when they pick up your products and services off the shelf.

Packaging can make all the difference when introducing a brand’s image and personality. A product is given a “face” through neatly-designed packaging. Most experts even go as far as claiming how packaging can provide significant improvement towards overall marketing efforts

When a brand is seen by a customer the first time, a general impression of the product should indicate a psychological fulfillment or solution by which only the brand can answer. Packaging usually indicates what the product is used for and includes a non-verbal invitation saying: “Hey, try me out and I can make your life better!”


Creative Product Packaging Tips

Product packages should be grab a customer’s attention and leaving a lasting impact. Here are some tips to consider before finalizing or updating your product packaging.


  • Go natural on your design

    For an organic or “green” brand consider a natural approach. Your packaging should give an impression of freshness and enticement for customers. From the color scheme to  prominent placement of all-natural ingredients — your product packaging should reflect a healthy living image.

  • Ease of use is paramount

    Generally, customers choose a brand over another due to ease of use. If most brands within a category are at par regarding quality and features, packaging your product with tools that increase useability is a creative way to standout. Well-packaged products with practical features can also increase trial and interaction. In essence, your goal is to provide the complete customer experience. The use of tools and add-ons can increase customer enjoyment on top of actual product benefits.

  • Consider an artisan approach

    High-end, luxury products offer a more enjoyable experience, especially when every detail adds a touch of refinement. Luxury product packaging may look simple at first glance, but upon further inspection of the details customers may appreciate the level of consideration that goes into every aspect of the design and presentation. If you market luxury goods, keep in mind that your product and packaging should speak to a consumers entire lifestyle — communicating exclusivity and quality.

  • Develop purposeful packaging

    Aside from ensuring your brand is captivating and enticing your packaging should be as informative and accurate as possible. Ensure the product lives up to the claims illustrated on the package and correctly incorporates what your brand stands for … its identity and positioning.

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