7 Online Video Marketing Tips for LinkedIn and Tumblr

Here are seven tips on how you can leverage both of these powerful social platforms to fuel video marketing efforts.

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Tumblr Video Marketing


  1. Choose the right video format.

    Tumblr is well known for its image-friendly posts and animated GIFs that captivated the social space before Vine made a splash with loopy six-second videos. Doubling as both a blog and social networking platform, Tumblr makes posting videos extremely easy. After clicking on the “Video” icon at the top of your dashboard, you can either publish it by grabbing and embedding the HTML code, or uploading it from your hard drive. The latter option will limit you to a certain file size, and may also impact video performance, so I recommended embedding when you can.

  2. Optimize your videos.

    The best videos may end up buried in the deepest, dustiest, darkest corner of the web without proper optimization. You need to approach this type of content like you would the products in your e-commerce store and the posts on the company blog. In the land of Tumblr, it pays to give your video a keyword-rich description and tag it with keywords users may enter when scanning the platform for content via the built-in search engine. The better you optimize, the better chances your video has of being viewed on Tumblr, and showing up in the search results as well.

  3. Publish great videos.

    Tumblr is loaded with rich visual content. It’s what the site members are accustomed to, so if you want your videos to make an impact, you need to deliver something that’s going to grab their attention. Before even creating your video, put some thought into what your audience might like to see. With Tumblr having a recreational vibe, you may have better luck with something fun or humorous than you would straightforward advertising material. This is one of those cases where simply knowing your audience isn’t enough. You must also know the environment.

Stocked with a nice array of video-friendly features and active memberships, LinkedIn and Tumblr are ideal targets for the forward-thinking digital marketer. While your competitors spend their time struggling to gain recognition in the bigger ponds, you can take a more focused approach and possibly make an even bigger impact.


Chiko Noguchi is a lifelong researcher and explorer of technology and psychology. She is a best practices activist and advocate for a leading provider of Benchmark Email marketing services.

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