Recruiting New Employees? 9 Things to Look For in a Job Candidate

Here are nine things to look for in your next job candidate.

Recruiting new employees can become a grueling process. Employees are the lifeblood of every growing business. However finding the right fit is easier said than done. Many small business owners are concerned with finding qualified job candidates fast, while also hoping to secure the very best people for the job.

Selecting the right candidates is essential component to a company’s staffing strategy and long-term success. So, here are nine things to look for in your next job candidate:


1. Ask yourself, “Would I work for this person?”

“Culture fit is discussed a bunch, which is tough to gauge pre-hire. Instead, I do my best to honestly ask myself, if the tables were turned, would I work for this person. If the answer is no, or I hesitate at all, probably not the right choice.”

– Daniel James Scott, Founder of Alorum: @sparkcatalyst


2. Hire enthusiastic candidates.

“Make sure that applicants are enthusiastic about [your] company’s products, [find out] if they’ve done research on [your] company, [your] products etc.; Motivating a non-enthusiastic employee will cost you time, money and they’ll bring down the other employees. Besides, they’ll never do the job as good as a person who personally loves your company’s products.”

– Arda ONAL, Founder and CEO of e-Bann electric bicycles: @ardaonal


3. Hire young, hungry and reliable individuals.

“When hiring you are often faced with the paradox of looking for highly experienced individuals to help take your company to the next level that are also willing to work for a salary that is often much lower than what they could achieve by working in corporate America. Many times, highly experienced people already have a sense of accomplishment and will not put forth the vast amount of effort and hours for the long haul if they do not fully buy into the vision and future of your company. For this reason, I prefer to hire young, hungry individuals who are willing to do whatever it takes to make their mark and achieve success as the company succeeds. A person’s personality type is always more important than previous experience if you want to achieve long-term success and mold them into a future high-level employee. I hire action-oriented people who have demonstrated [a] strong interest … and an unwavering desire for self improvement.”

– Michael O’Donnell, Owner of Hyacinth Marketing & Cave Tools: @cavetools


4. Hire confident and smart people.

“The most important trait to look for is: candidates who show they are confident and able to think on their feet during an interview. This confidence will usually translate well when facing stressful and complex situations while on the job.”

– Adolfo Zarate, CEO of JMAC Supply: @jmacsupply


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