5 Creative Ways to Leverage Landing Pages for Your Small Business

It took me nearly two solid years of running my business before I finally learned about the power of landing pages. Two. Years.

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  1. Guest Post By-Lines

    I have to admit, I borrowed (cough!), stole (cough!) this little gem of a strategy from Ramit Sethi, who suggests using your guest post’s author bio to link to a landing page. But not just any old landing page, oh no! Instead, link to a landing page that you have designed specifically for the audience of the particular website you wrote for. Genius! The best part about this strategy is you don’t have to re-invent the wheel, you can simply use your already existing opt-in bribe to lure new readers into signing up to your list. All you have to do is create a customized headline, some copy that makes them feel you are speaking directly to them, include a great image, and link it all up to your email list.

  2. YouTube Videos

    This strategy is one of my absolute favorites, because well, it’s just so savvy! If you create videos for your website or brand, this strategy is a must. Here’s how I do it: a) create your video packed full of helpful information; b) go onto VideoHive and select a template that works for your brand (i.e., I use one that has an area for my video bloopers with space on the righthand side where I can add another element (e.g., which I use for my opt-in.)); c) use that template to add copy and tease your opt-in offer with a clear call-to-action that they can click; and d) add an external annotation to that call-to-action which links directly to your landing page. This works because, up to this point, the viewer has already spent a few minutes digesting your content and they are looking for something else to do. By giving them a CTA, you are simply directing them to take a specific action, claim your free offer, and get on your list. It works like a charm.

  3. 404 Error Pages

    Broken links are a common foe of the webpreneur, but when you turn a 404 page into a lead-generatin’, subscriber-enticin’ element of your on-site strategy they become your number one best friend. I mean think about it, how common is it to hit a 404 page on someone’s site? Answer: Extremely common. Now you no longer have to worry about broken links or pages mistakenly redirecting and screwing up, because you can use those common mishaps to convert a frustrated visitor into a stark raving fan. The process is simple: a) sign up to LeadPages; b) browse through their list of high-converting templates; c) choose the best 404 template for your needs; d) create a headline; e) include some copy as to what they can do now that they’ve hit your 404 page; f) link it up to your email list; and d) leap for joy that since you just optimized a page on your site that would otherwise cause a visitor to bounce. Not sure what to write on your 404 page? Don’t fret. Each template already comes with prewritten copy that you can either choose to keep or replace with your own words.

Just keep in mind that a landing page doesn’t have to be perfect. You can play around with it and tweak the landing page as you go along—the key is to have fun with it! And just like that you have optimized your email list-building efforts using a creative and non-salesy strategy that your potential-customers will relate to, and most importantly, respond to.


Jill Stanton is an affiliate marketer and wanderluster hell-bent on teaching you how to escape the 9-5 by creating a simple affiliate website—allowing you to live a life dripping with freedom and purpose. She can usually be found over at Screw the Nine to Five, or scrolling through the endless sea of picture quotes on Facebook.

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