7 Smart Ways to Overcome Small Business Burnout

Seven ways you can avoid having an overwhelmed, frazzled, and drowning feeling as you build your business.

Nobody wants to suffer from career burnout. But due to the high level of stress you constantly meet everyday, running your own business, it’s not unheard of to develop physical and emotional exhaustion. Entrepreneurs, and professionals in general, suffer burn out for various different reasons which leads to work-life imbalance.

So, here’s a look at seven ways you can avoid having an overwhelmed, frazzled, and drowning feeling as you build your business.


  1. Identify burn out signs.

    Burnout happens overtime. Reflect on yourself and become more aware of the signals or reactions of your body to find out the source of your burnout. What makes you feel stressed? What frustrates you at work? Have you started to gain weight? Are you more irritable, more often? Once you figure out these tell-tale signs, address them immediately.

  2. Embrace business changes.

    You can change the situation in your workplace if you want to — after all, you’re the boss. You have the power to make choices and it depends on you whether you choose to suffer burnout or not. If you consistently lack interest in everyday operations it’s a sign that you should make some changes. Revise your usual routine and try something completely out of ordinary or start an activity you don’t usually do. A change in your schedule can be an immediate cure for business burnout.

  3. Learn to unplug.

    Take a break. Not only does it help you clear your mind, it also can give you a new perspective on your business. If you have a hard time taking breaks, start small. To preclude burnout, keep scheduled office hours and try to keep your work at the office (or in your home office). Don’t be too harsh on yourself. Learn to disconnect so you can tackle the next day stronger and more alert.

  4. Try structured procrastination.

    Structured procrastination is the best method to deal with mundane business tasks. Instead of doing unnecessary activities just to avoid real tasks, it is better to focus on other important deliverables which are usually forgotten or ignored. Give yourself a specific time block to procrastinate and stick to it — then get back to building your empire.

  5. Set healthy expectations.

    Believe it or not, expectations are one of the main sources of stress and anxiety in a person’s life. When setting expectations make sure they are achievable taking into account the bigger picture of your business goals and personal priorities. Learn your boundaries. Setting healthy expectations will help you become more productive in the long-run.

  6. Find your work-life balance.

    The key in achieving a happy and stress-free life is balance. If you know how to balance your time between your work and personal life you can prevent yourself from getting burnout. It’s not about how many tasks you can finish in a day, but rather how you organize everything around the areas of your life that are important to you. Success is not defined by task elimination, instead it is defined by how you enjoy and benefit from the life you are living.

  7. Cutback on work hours.

    Working long and extraneous hours has negative effects on your health. As Lifehacker.com reports, “We’ve already shattered the myth that longer working hours somehow means you’re more productive—the truth is usually longer hours mean less good, solid work. Now there’s also research that strongly suggests long hours are also bad for your health—we mean premature death kind of bad.” If you want to prevent burnout lessen your workload and start delegating. You cannot do all of the work by yourself so empower others to do it.


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