How to Make Your Brand #Instafamous by Using Instagram

What are you waiting for? If you haven’t already -- get on Instagram and start building. It works. I am proof.

6 Ways You Can Become Instafamous on Instagram


  1. Engage even more.

    Like, comment and follow other accounts you find interesting. This will make you relatable and real, not just another random Instagram account trying to get followers.

  2. Do some market research.

    See what other people in your industry or market are doing right. See what’s getting a great response and what’s not. Pay close attention to what people with a similar message are doing and take note of which posts receive the most interaction, then post more of that.

  3. Brand yourself.

    Be creative, be unique. Use branded content from your website or blog. It’s okay to repost things you like if it’s relevant, but the majority of your posts should be original.

  4. Have fun.

    Post a healthy mix of personal, business, and random content. Be creative, think outside the box and do something new, different and unorthodox.

  5. Use hashtags.

    Use a combination of relevant existing hashtags and unique hashtags you create solely for your business. Make the hashtag exclusive so you can stand out and reference your hashtags to see who is engaging with you and talking about your business or brand.

  6. Create a call to action.

    Put a call to action (CTA) in every single post. Encourage followers to go to your site to find out more, to get something free, or to participate in something fun. In addition to your bio, put your URL in every single post. It won’t directly link, but the repetition of seeing it over and over again will encourage people to actually go there and check it out.

You don’t have to be  a certain type of entrepreneur to see results on Instagram. I was able to find a way to turn my service-based business into inspiration for thousands. No matter what business or market you’re in, you can utilize Instagram to build your platform.

So, what are you waiting for? If you haven’t already — get on Instagram and start building. It works. I am proof. Check out my Instagram page (@awesome_on_purpose) for inspiration on some unique things I did to get my fans talking and reaching out to me directly.


Jenn Scalia is a love and confidence coach at Awesome on Purpose, working with women who want to transform their outlook on relationships and love. She connects with her clients by being vulnerable and real. She is also the host of the podcast “15 Minutes of Flame” where she talks about love, life, relationships,dating, sex and everything in between. To find out more about the podcast and her coaching programs, visit www.jennscalia.com. Connect with @jennscalia on Twitter.


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