5 Simple Ways To Revitalize Your LinkedIn Profile

I’ve found these 5 simple steps are paramount to making the best of your LinkedIn profile.

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  1. Join LinkedIn Groups

    Expand your network on LinkedIn. This is not Facebook. To connect with only people who you know limits your reach. LinkedIn is a professional social network to connect that enables you to connect with people in different industries, and at different levels. To build a solid network that will assist in your professional development and growth, reach out.

    According to HubSpot, 81% of users belong to at least one group “and of those users, 52% participate in group discussions.” Join a group of interest and contribute regularly, build relationships. Then when you want to add to your network, the connection is made through a group in which you are both active participants. “What if the person I want to connect with isn’t in a group?” Send a personal note explaining why you are reaching out, before you hit connect. The generic note won’t cut it; at least not when attempting a meaningful connection.

  2. Add Value to LinkedIn Connections

    After you’ve built up your LinkedIn network, what are you going to do with it? Use your status update to display what’s going on professionally in your life. Studies suggest that 42% of LinkedIn users update their status regularly. (Source: Lab42)

    Add character to your LinkedIn profile and show you are active and relevant. A great way of doing this is sharing relevant content. Did you enjoy what you’ve learned at a recent conference? Have your read an article that, when implemented, increased your ROI? Share it. Your contacts might be interested. They are in your industry after all, so they could absolutely benefit from what you have to offer.

    By using the pulse feature on LinkedIn, articles of interest and/or within your industry will come up in your feed that you can either share, like or comment on. Once you interact with an article, it will show up in your network feed. It creates an impression that you are knowledgeable in your industry. What a great impression to give off?!

  3. Bonus: Customize Your LinkedIn URL

    You know the URL that has all of those digits and random text at the end of it? Yeah, that one. When you customize your URL, to your name for example, it looks more professional. Especially, now that you feel more confident sharing your new, up-to-date, and super engaging profile.

Sometimes you need to trim the fat and get to the core of what makes you stand out professionally. Fundamentals are paramount to mastering any endeavor – including social media presence. Once you’ve made these tweaks, let’s connect.


This article has been edited and condensed.

Tennile Cooper is a lifestyle coach, writer, speaker and creator of She is Epic www.sheisepic.com. After quitting the 9-5 life and jumping into the entrepreneurship game head first she knew: either have the skills to shift your current situation or find the people who do. At any moment you can decide you want more and go after it. To download the Success Mindset Mantra’s she uses to elevate her presence visit www.sheisepic.com and connect with her on LinkedIn and @TennileCooper on Twitter.

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