8 Business-Based TV Shows Every Entrepreneur Should Watch

Here are eight business-based reality TV shows that will get your entrepreneurial motor running.

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House of Cards, Netflix

Yeah, yeah, House of Cards (@houseofcards) is politics, but what business isn’t? Besides being filled with “don’t dare miss” Kevin Spacey’s, “kick you in gear” monologues, House of Cards is full of business lessons. Frank (Spacey) and Claire Underwood (Robin Wright) navigate the murky waters of scandal, media, and international power to push through their seemingly “impossible” agenda, and lay claim to the world’s largest powerhouse. The show sheds brilliant light on some of the darker aspects of human nature, while reminding entrepreneurs that it takes more than theory to pull strings.


Fast N’Loud, Discovery

If you haven’t jumped on the Gas Monkey Garage crew, you are missing out … in a “Big-D” way (i.e. the nickname for Dallas, TX)! Fast N’Loud (@fastnloudtv) films the Gas Monkey crew revamping automobile treasures and finding former “diamonds in the rough” high dollar drivers. What started out as a small crew working in a small garage, picks up steam when business owner Richard Rawlings goes “all in”, risking everything in the name of expansion. This show is a reminder that great risk is often required for great reward.


The Office, NBC

The Office (@theofficenbc) is a true cinematography masterpiece. No other TV show can compare in exposing the perils of 9-5 that has most entrepreneurs opting for business ownership. Sure! It was nine seasons of workers doing absolutely nothing, however, Dwight’s antics alone are reason enough to thank the good Lord you don’t reside in “cubicleville.” The office reminds entrepreneurs of the importance of cultivating a positive company culture and what happens when it goes awry.


Pawn Stars, History

If you want to fine-tune your negotiation skills, let the Pawn Stars (@pawnstars) show you how it’s done, Las Vegas style! Negotiating with buyers and sellers, of pretty much everything, in their Vegas storefront, Rick (the “Old Man”) and “Big Hoss” demonstrate the art of negotiation. All in all, it’s a great show about a great family business. And if you’re a history buff (like my husband), you will love seeing what walks through those doors—everything from Elvis’ chest X-rays and fossilized spiders to Soviet missile launch keys.


Shark Tank, ABC

If you’re not familiar with Shark Tank (@abcsharktank), where have you been? Five experienced, high-profile entrepreneurs turned investors give budding entrepreneurs a chance to bring their dreams to fruition. The show’s contestants remind us that while entrepreneurs come from all walks of life, with different backgrounds and education, successful entrepreneurs share two characteristics—passion and determination. Did I mention this was a must-watch show? So, get to it!


This article has been edited and condensed.

Hannah Becker, serial entrepreneur and MBA student, is author of The Motivated Millennial: An Entrepreneurial Guidebook for Generation Y and Founder/Consultant at HCB Consulting. Passionate about entrepreneurship, Hannah is committed to encouraging millennials to pursue their entrepreneurship dreams. Hannah currently resides on a small cattle farm in the Flint Hills of Kansas, with her husband and horses.Visit The Motivated Millennial for more information and resources to aide your entrepreneurial journey. Connect with @MotivatedGenY on Twitter.

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