7 Ways Tablets Will Revolutionize Your Small Business

For business owners, the inherent value of using tablets in a retail store, pop-up shop, or customer event is evident.

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Simon Crompton, freelance Journalist and entrepreneur; Source: Courtesy Photo
Simon Crompton, freelance Journalist and entrepreneur; Source: Courtesy Photo

Smartphones and tablets have become omnipresent and consumers have shown a definite preference to the tailored and interactive shopping experience that only technology can provide. To align with this growing trend, tech savvy business owners have begun incorporating tablets into their retail establishments.

For entrepreneurs, the inherent value of using tablets in a retail store, pop-up shop, or customer event is evident. Tablets can serve as concierge devices, catalogs, customer service connections, sales tools, kiosks, and POS (point of sale) devices. They can gather vital data about customers and their buying habits and can even help manage inventory more effectively. Tablets make that old dinosaur – the cash register – obsolete.

It is no exaggeration to say that tablet use in a retail environment is only limited by an owners vision and budget. Here’s a look at several ways tablets can give your business a technology upgrade:


  1. Tablet Kiosks

    Since most customers are intimately familiar with the operating systems of their own personal devices – (i.e., iOS or Android) utilizing mounted tablets as self-serve kiosks allows customers to enjoy a customizable shopping experience.

    Tablet kiosks, which can be wall-mounted, affixed to counters, or placed on a retail floor stand can be located virtually anywhere within a store. This allows customers to freely browse inventory, view product demonstrations, compare different models and even purchase items. All of this can be done at a customer’s own pace and without the need for costly manpower.

    Tablet kiosks of different heights and configurations are also able to better serve customers with physical disabilities (i.e. it may prove difficult to interact with tablets mounted on high counter tops or wall locations.)

  2. Assisted Selling Devices

    “Retailers can improve sales and gain competitive advantage by providing in-depth and relevant information at the point of decision. Unfortunately, having a team of perfectly informed sales associates is not always a viable option… Assisted selling strategies are one solution to this dilemma.” (Kiosk Marketplace)

    Typically, hand-held tablets under the control of store employees offer flexibility to assist customers in finding exactly what they are looking for, much more efficiently. A tablet used as an assisted selling device also allows an associate to help a customer complete their transaction without ever having to leave the sales floor.

    When tablets are connected to an integrated customer database, more personalized service, recognizing the customer’s preferences, can be demonstrated by employees. This type of customer experience enhances both customer satisfaction and brand loyalty.

  3. Proximity Marketing

    Mounted tablets can use Bluetooth to engage with nearby customers who have certain apps already installed on their smartphones. In practice, this means that a customer who is just walking by the establishment could get an instant alert about sales, promotions and specials.

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