Disproving The Social Media ROI Myth In 3 Easy Steps

By the end of these three steps, you’ll be equipped to appraise and improve your social media marketing campaigns.

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Step #3: Which posts are working and which ones aren’t?

If it’s not broken, don’t fix it. This is a great rule that too many entrepreneurs dismiss when it comes to social media marketing.

Take some time to review your social analytics data. Go on, take a quick look … I’ll wait.

After careful review you may have realized some of your posts have higher levels of engagement than others. Take a look at the content that has loads of interaction. Then look at the following factors:


  • What time of the day did you post?
  • What time of the week did you post?
  • What kind of posts are they? Pictures, videos, links or text?


Now take a look at the posts that aren’t doing so well and consider the same factors. Is there a big difference? If so, try and adapt your posts so that they’re all like the ones that do work.


Social Media Synergy

Now that you have a way to identify the right social media metrics, discover where ideal customers are finding you, and refine content you can attract more fans. More importantly, you can measure how many people:


  • See a post and interact with it
  • Visit your website as a direct result of social media activities
  • Take a specific action within your sales funnel (e.g., sign up for your services)


By looking at social media marketing from a different angle, you can get a clear picture and a tangible social media ROI.


This article has been edited and condensed.

Florentina Istrati provides simple, step-by-step Facebook ad strategies to business owners, coaches, consultants, trainers, and service providers from over 100 countries and 4 continents. She has been using social media, especially Facebook, for marketing since 2010 and is the creator of Facebook Ads Bootcamp, a 6-week live online class where entrepreneurs learn how to convert Facebook “likes” into cash-paying clients. She is also the author of the upcoming book The Facebook Plan: How To Strategically Reach More Than 1 Billion Potential Clients. To learn more, download Facebook Ads Made Easy, a free ebook that teaches you how to create profitable campaigns even if you’re a newbie. Connect with @I_Florentina on Twitter.

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