Overcoming The Fear Of Rejection In Life And Business

Rejection is one of the most powerful and damaging forces in our lives. We will do almost anything to avoid it.

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So, let’s do the math here for a moment. Out of a thousand people or more a person may have encountered, only three to seven people who have truly rejected them.

That’s a really small number! Yet, people are being controlled by this all-consuming fear that doesn’t really have a foundation. We can focus so much on the potential of rejection that we magnify the probability that we’ll be rejected.


Break Free From Limiting Thoughts

Bottom line here is you miss 100% of the opportunities you don’t take. There is a huge cost for inaction. By not taking action, you start to rationalize not doing something, and hope that it will all work out by itself.

Hope is not an effective life strategy. “My business isn’t that bad; it will eventually get better.” “My relationship isn’t that bad, I guess.” These situations tend to worsen over time, not get better.

We underestimate our ability to take on challenges and risks in our lives. We let self-doubt sabotage our ability to rise to potential opportunities. People succeed much more than they fail, but they tend to focus on the failure and it is becomes their identity.

The next time you find yourself fearing rejection, ask yourself:

Why am I focusing more on what I have to lose than what I have to gain in meeting people and building relationships?

What will my behavior and inaction cost me in the next year? Next two years? Next 10 years?

What am I underestimating in my ability to meet people?

If I had all the confidence and courage in the world, exuded positivity and happiness, and believed in myself, what would be possible in my relationships?

Your answers are going to point to the much bigger and more meaningful life you could be living.


This article has been edited and condensed.

Jason Treu is a business and relationship coach helping men and women create the lives they love. He’s an expert on influence, charisma, personal branding and networking. His #1 bestselling book on Amazon, Social Wealth, is a how-to-guide to build extraordinary personal and professional relationships. You can get his free guide on creating a magnetic and influential person branding here. Connect with @jasontreu on Twitter.

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