Is Your Web Designer Using The Latest Technology To Enhance User Experience?

New web technologies will help your designer come up with a new and better approach to create websites that helps enhance user experience and truly represent your company’s...

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SVG technology is based on geometric constants instead of pixels. And thus, images that are rendered using SVG will scale to almost any size without losing quality. This web technology is ideal for things such as logos and web fonts.

What’s more, as the SVG file format contains properties which can be stored in XML files, scripting can be used to make tweaks to how a vector graphics image looks and behaves. There is only one downside to using an SVG image: your website visitors will have to use a modern browser and the latest system to make the best possible use of vector graphics images.


2D Canvas

If your web designer has proposed a website design that mainly works with images or any other media element, then you should ask about 2D Canvas technology. It’s an API that is added in HTML5 in the form of a canvas element.

Thanks to this API, your designer can draw any graphic on the fly. It comes with plenty of features like render text, manipulate pixels, draw and fill in shapes and many more.

It doesn’t contain any file format and you need to draw a canvas using JavaScript. Furthermore, it does not require any DOM nodes for the shapes drawn, and rather all images are displayed on the surface as pixels. And so, your designer concentrates on drawings (without worrying about the loss of image quality) as the image complexity increases.



Many web designers are searching for a tool to create a UI (i.e. user interface) for single page apps. React can prove to be a good option. It is the UI library designed by Facebook.

Your web designer likely knows that running a single-page application brings about many challenges, the most important being search engine optimization. So, to optimize SEO, you can create a single page isomorphic app. This is exactly what React does.

Since React can be rendered on both client side as well as server side, it is an excellent choice for creating isomorphic apps. In fact, many niche online brands like Facebook, New York Times, Instagram, etc. are using React.


Wrapping Up!

As a web designer, creating web designs can be really frustrating at times. Fortunately, the advent of advanced web technologies helps make web development tasks much more exciting, as they help provide features and options that weren’t available decade ago.

Moreover, new technologies will help your designer come up with a new and better approach to create websites that helps enhance user experience and truly represent your company’s brand.


This article has been edited and condensed.

Mike Swan is an experienced web designer, with expertise in developing WordPress sites from PSD. Mike is sharing his web design tips on behalf of Markupcloud Ltd, a professional team of 150+ developers, providing high quality and cost-effective markup conversion services to clients across the globe. Connect with @markupcloud on Twitter.

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