Office Design Tips To Enhance Your Startup Workspace

Here's a look at practical ways you can create a productive, stylish office that is designed to grow alongside your business.

Setting up a business requires time, money and effort. The design of your office is an important element. So, here’s a look at practical ways you can create a productive, stylish office that is designed to grow alongside your business.


  1. Think sustainable design.

    In today’s business world, the words “green” and “business” have become intrinsically linked, as companies become increasingly more admired and credible if they are environmental-friendly.

    Put simply, a green, sustainable startup office will not only be kinder to the environment, by going paperless, installing office furniture made from sustainable resources and recycling, it will also help reduce your footprint and reinforce your brand. Adapt green principles from the outset.

  2. Design energy savings.

    It’s safe to say that startups, and small businesses alike, have to watch every penny. Energy efficient office design can be an effective way to help keep money in your pocket. For example, you can reduce energy simply by unplugging electronics at the end of the day. They run up your electricity bill even when you aren’t using them.

    You can also cut costs by installing energy-efficient doors and windows in the office. Double-glazed windows can help keep chills out of the office in the winter and keep the room cooler in the summer. Working in an office of a comfortable temperature can help foster a more productive workforce, a crucial element to startup success.

  3. Let there be light.

    Talking about productivity, research has found that increasing daylight can boost employee productivity by as much as 7.1%. As daylight has long been associated with employee well-being and productivity, when designing an office, incorporate plenty of windows and skylights into the design. Also, the wrong office lighting can make you sick, so beware.

  4. Create a culture of fun.

    You know what they say about all work and no play. It is no coincidence that many of the world’s biggest brands boast super-trendy offices with plenty of distractions such as table-tennis, gyms and hang-out areas. This is because the likes of Google, Yahoo and Apple have long recognized that office ‘toys’ and socializing hubs can be incredibly effective in encouraging higher levels of productivity.

Whilst expecting your startup to have a similar office design as Google might be a tad optimistic at first, you should consider how a break-out room, a simple pool table or even a fruit bowl can help increase both employee productivity and staff morale – two essential traits for startup success.

With a million and one things to do, plan and prepare, starting up a business isn’t easy. Being aware of some fairly straightforward ways to design a fun, sustainable and productivity-enhancing office can help put you well on your journey to startup success.


This article has been edited and condensed.

Andrew Maxwell is the Managing Director of Amspec, a workspace construction company in the North West England. Combining innovative design with traditional construction methods, Amspec provides organisations with a bespoke working environment that is tailor made for their individual requirements. Thirteen years on, Amspec continues to flourish and is proud to contribute to positive perceptions of the construction industry. Prior to founding Amspec, Andrew was Sales Manager at Thrislington Partitions and Contracts Manager at F Brown Plc where he managed projects at British Aerospace sites around North West England and was the main contractor for Manchester Airport’s Domestic Lounge. Connect with @amspecuk on Twitter.


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